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  1. Eficiente

    Alessi vs Prosciutto (Grace)

    Speed = Alessi: 1 (The real cal howard) Prosciutto: 8 (Iapitus The Impaler, Sixo Bullets, CrackerVolley, X Squared, Armorchompy, TacticalNuke002, AsianAntics, DMB 1) Inconclusive: 0
  2. TacticalNuke002

    The Ultimate Lifeform vs A Cowardly Assassin

    In a messed up timeline, Kars busts out of the volcano and poses dramatically, but finds that Joseph and Stroheim had already left. Instead, he sees a weird looking short guy. Seething with wrath, he decided to kill the poor guy and then find Jojo. Alessi vs Ultimate Kars The scenario is the...
  3. CursedGentleman

    Alessi (Jojo) Power Addition

    Memory Manipulation Based on this and this Because Polnareff is a kid, he is forgetting the memories of when he was
  4. Kazuma_kuwabara

    Alessi vs Dan Hibiki

    Both are weak persons,who are basically clowns in their series,both appears in capcom´s videogames (Street Fighter and JoJo´s Bizarre Adventure Heritage for the Future) and they wear purple/pink clothes Dan Hibiki has knowledge about his shadow,but no about what power it has Speed equalized