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Search results

  1. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: Major Post-Timeskip AP Revisions

    Hi, it's me again. I'm here for another Black Clover CRT, this one being a pretty huge one regarding the AP of post-timeskip characters. I want to give a big thanks to @BlackAstaSenpai for helping me out with this, as he found this information to begin with. I simply put it all together. So...
  2. CloverDragon03

    Edens Zero: Hermit Post-Timeskip Key

    Been a while since I've made a CRT, but here we are. So, Hermit got an Overdrive form post-timeskip and does something crazy: she one-shots Killer. Yes, she does stuff like this beforehand, but that all turns out to be an illusion by Killer, and then an illusion on top of that by Hermit. I...
  3. CloverDragon03

    Isekai at Peace: Possible Six Kings Revision

    I have not seen this series at all, but this is something I noticed on the profiles that I think should be addressed. So, the Six Kings are said to be a billion times stronger than a character that scales to 24.1956 gigatons, which makes them 24.1956 exatons, hence the Multi-Continent level+...
  4. CloverDragon03

    Bleach: Bankai Ikkaku and Resurreccion Edrad Revision

    Okay so I read Bleach, I adore it, it's in my top 5 animanga and now I wanna get into Bleach scaling. So, here's this. Pretty simple to be honest. Base Ikkaku and Edrad scale to 7-C+ via Base Ikkaku withstanding a casual attack from Resurreccion Edrad that was calced at 61.698 kilotons. He can...
  5. CloverDragon03

    My Hero Academia: Awakened Shigaraki CRT

    I was worried about the reception that would come from making this CRT, but at this point, I really want to do so because this has been bugging me so... oh well. Yes, I think Awakened Shigaraki should be 8-A. I am 99% sure this topic has been debated before, but I've been rereading the My...
  6. CloverDragon03

    Density of Dust

    Okay, so this has been bugging me for some time: there's not really a concrete value for the density of dust. I figured that having an accepted value would be useful in at least some calculations, but I wasn't sure what value it would fall under, so here we are. So far, all I've really found was...
  7. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: God Tiers Speed Revision

    Hopefully with this, the ridiculously long 10c scaling chain gets another quantifiable value. So, Post-Timeskip Zora is currently at least 10c, since he saved Asta from an attack from a Lucifero that wasn't anywhere near his full power (as after this, Lucifero uses double the power he was using...
  8. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: Removing Resistance to Mind Manipulation

    This has been bugging me for a little. Basically, everyone in Black Clover has a resistance to Mind Manipulation for the following reason: "Those with a developed Magic Power are unaffected by Neige's Snow Magic, which controls the target." On the surface, this sounds very straightforward, but...
  9. CloverDragon03

    Fairy Tail: X793 Post-Elentear Base Wendy CRT

    Yep, it's another Wendy CRT, but this one's about her Post-Elentear key. This has been bugging me for some time, so here I am addressing it. Wendy's "At least 6-A, likely far higher" rating should be changed, in my opinion. Her AP justification is "clashed with Haku, but is overall far weaker"...
  10. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: Devil Manifestation CRT

    Despite being a CRT about devils, which infamously tend to go south, this one shouldn’t be too controversial. In the most recent chapter, Half-Manifested Lucifero states that he is only at half power, with the other half still being in the Underworld. Pretty much, this confirms that...
  11. CloverDragon03

    Fairy Tail: God Tiers Speed Revision

    So Dragon Form Selene now has this calc accepted for her speed, putting her at 30.34c. She blitzes Suzaku, who is stated to be just like the other Dark Dragon Slayer Knights, which would extend to Haku, who is stated to be light speed. She also blitzes Georg, who is far superior to the Dark...
  12. CloverDragon03

    Fairy Tail: X793 Gildarts Key

    So, Gildarts in X793. He doesn't have a key, and honestly, that was for a good reason. He hasn't done much of anything, but recently we've gotten a statement that could give this Gildarts a key. If you've been keeping up with 100 Years Quest, you probably know what I'm referring to: In chapter...
  13. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: Devil Physiology Ability Addition

    Well here's another Black Clover CRT. This one's about the creation of a new ability specific to Black Clover, as has happened with other series before: Devil Physiology. I've been rereading Black Clover chapters lately and have seen a lot of abilities that devils have, so I began compiling them...
  14. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: Revisiting Black Divider Scaling

    I find it very ironic that after proposing a discussion rule on the topic, I'm the one that's about to downgrade Black Divider. However, this is still well within the discussion rule as this is new information that I'm surprised no one has brought up. So, here we go. So, what's the evidence...
  15. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: Lifting Strength Scaling CRT Part 2

    Welp, here's another Black Clover CRT about lifting strength, this one being the result of a newly accepted calc for Vanessa. I'm here to discuss who this would scale to, and honestly, it's pretty simple. On the Black Clover Wiki, most characters have officially stated guidebook statistics...
  16. CloverDragon03

    Fairy Tail: Minor Speed Downgrade for the 6-B Characters

    Welp it's my second downgrade CRT, but this one is far less egregious than the last one. So, the recent 100 Years Quest chapter came out and gave us this beautiful statement. So, Haku is light speed. What about it? Well, it got me thinking about the current FTL scaling for the Dark Dragon...
  17. CloverDragon03

    Fairy Tail vs. Black Clover: I am the Bone of my Sword

    First off, you a real one if you get the reference. More importantly, here comes a Fairy Tail vs. Black Clover matchup. True to its name, it involves a bone user and a sword user, specifically 55% Zenon vs. Suzaku. For reference, 55% Zenon scales to 7.29 teratons and Suzaku scales to 7...
  18. CloverDragon03

    Fairy Tail: Downgrading a Handful of High 6-A Characters

    I legitimately believe this is my very first CRT that's a downgrade. Can't believe it took this long. Anyways, Human Form Acnologia, Human Form Dragon Gods, and Suzaku are all currently High 6-A. However, I believe the scaling for this is very flawed for multiple reasons. One major reason for...
  19. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: Discussion Rule Proposal

    So recently, there's been a certain topic in Black Clover that people have repeatedly made CRTs for, without any new evidence. It's often the same arguments that have been addressed in a previous CRT, and it's been getting tiring dealing with it all the time. That topic is, of course, Black...
  20. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: Dark Triad Scaling But Again

    Hello everyone, I am back for the umpteenth Black Clover CRT, and once again we have one about the Dark Triad's scaling. Some info we got came in the form of Magna's fight with Dante (that fight is amazing btw), and it's never really been brought up before, so here I am. When Magna uses Soul...
  21. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: Zora's AP CRT

    I've been thinking about this, but I don't agree with Zora's AP. He currently is "At least 8-A, likely higher" for defeating a vice captain. While it's true that he did, the method by which he did so has me questioning this AP. Given that we know Zora uses Trap Magic (which we know just takes...
  22. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: Another Profile Split

    It is I, back again with a Black Clover CRT. This one doesn't involve any statistics, as you might have guessed from the title. Let's get right to the point: Yuno needs his profile split between Pre-Timeskip and Post-Timeskip. This dude has so many keys, and especially with all the "higher with...
  23. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: Minor Speed Upgrade

    Yep, another Black Clover CRT, I will establish myself as the VSBW Black Clover guy, this one being about the speed of a lot of characters. It's minor because it's a small buff, but it affects anyone that scales to Royal Knights Arc Black Asta onwards. The first thing we should establish is...
  24. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: Lifting Strength Scaling CRT

    Another Black Clover CRT because yes. This one's mainly just applying this calc that was accepted. I'll simply be going over who should scale to it. Vetto (He did the feat) Asta (Vetto is stated by Tabata to be the 3rd physically strongest character at the time. Asta is 2nd) Yami (Same as...
  25. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: New Clover Kingdom Destruction Calc Scaling

    It's the Clover Kingdom destruction calc again... Oh god I'm gonna get a headache. Anyways, no it's not any mountain stuff, we already agreed sizes are too inconsistent. The Clover Kingdom destruction calc has been adjusted based on additional info given about what would be the most reasonable...
  26. CloverDragon03

    Pokemon: Final Evolutions Speed CRT

    Well, someone had to do it. So, I made a calc for Lycanroc that ended up as 2.08c, or FTL, and it got accepted. This is simply a scaling CRT. Simply put, I think this should mean final evolutions should be upgraded from Relativistic+ to FTL. Hopefully this goes smoothly and, more importantly...
  27. CloverDragon03

    Fairy Tail: Revisiting Neo Eclipse

    Yeah, I'm revisiting Neo Eclipse, but kind of differently this time. So, to reiterate what Neo Eclipse does, it resets the Fairy Tail timeline by 400 years. It's not time travel. He is literally doing a time reset, and he says that the entire world will crumble away once it activates, citing it...
  28. CloverDragon03

    Fairy Tail: 5-B Alta Face

    Yeah, I'm doing this. Alta Face recently got a profile that puts it at "At least High 6-A, likely far higher" based on a calc and the "far higher" being from a statement. I'd like to expand on that statement because I've been re-reading 100 Years Quest and Alta Face is pretty blatantly 5-B...
  29. CloverDragon03

    Fairy Tail: The Beefiest Speed Revision

    Fellas, we’ve got one hell of a speed revision on our hands, so let’s please be civil in advance. So, we’ve got a X784 Sub-Relativistic feat (0.02c) feat (with a casual Mach 5000+ feat as support), and we’ve got a X792 Relativistic feat (about 0.11c) from a crippled and weakened Erza. This...
  30. CloverDragon03

    Fairy Tail: Revisiting Erza's Meteor Feat

    Hey all, Dragon here. Props to anyone who gets that reference, by the way. This calc group discussion thread is gonna be all about Erza's current speed feat. There are two ends: 2.23% SoL (Sub-Relativistic) and 10.67% SoL (Relativistic). The difference in these is dependent on one thing: the...
  31. CloverDragon03

    Fairy Tail: Slight Upgrade to a Few God Tiers

    Okay, so after the recent Fairy Tail god tiers CRT, I got reminded of something I wanted to do a while back, so here it is. Essentially, it'll be an upgrade for Post-SBT Human Acnologia and Seven Fire Dragons Mode Natsu. So, we know that Savage Dragon Fire Form Natsu was fighting this Acnologia...
  32. CloverDragon03

    A Big Boi Mashymyre CRT

    Introduction Oh boy, it's another CRT from your boi, but it ain't Black Clover this time. This time it's to do with the Mashima Verse, or rather, one character in particular: the supreme being of it all, Mashymyre. Right now, he's 2-C for creating everything in the Mashima Verse, but one of the...
  33. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: Asta Profile Split CRT

    Another Black Clover CRT so soon? Say it ain't so! Don't worry, this one is a lot less controversial, and it doesn't actually affect any statistics. The title is pretty self-explanatory, in fact. Simply put, I want to split Asta into two profiles: Pre-Timeskip and Post-Timeskip. Asta has a ton...
  34. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: New Scaling CRT

    Okay, so since the Low 6-B Salamander calc and High 6-B Clover Kingdom calc for Black Clover have been deemed a no-go, a lot of profiles are going to be affected. As such, this CRT is to help determine the new ratings for all the affected profiles. Here we go. First off, the Third Eye in base...
  35. CloverDragon03

    Not Really Major or Minor Black Clover Captains CRT

    This CRT is for the Magic Knight Captains' Beginning of Series key. Right now, they're currently 7-A via scaling to this calc. However, I think simply 7-A goes against some things that happen in the series, specifically the Eye of the Midnight Sun arc. Throughout chapter 51 of Black Clover...
  36. CloverDragon03

    Fairy Tail vs. Edens Zero: Erza vs. Homura

    Knight vs. Fox, duel of Mashimaverse swordswomen, waifu vs. waifu, whatever you wanna call it, it's happening! X791 Erza Scarlet vs. Overdrive Homura Kogetsu, so both are 7-B (Erza is 30.91 megatons, Homura is 45.7 megatons) Erza has access to her Strongest Armors Speed is equalized WHO WILL...
  37. CloverDragon03

    Dante Zogratis vs. Hades

    100% Devil Power Dante (Black Clover) vs. Post-Mass Soul Consumption Hades (Kid Icarus) Speed equalized Otherwise SBA, meaning both are Large Country level+ (430 teratons) I thought this could be a cool matchup, praying it doesn't end up as a stomp 🙏 Votes: Malice Man (Dante): Fourth Wall...
  38. CloverDragon03

    Black Clover: Top & God Tiers CRT

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and everyone in between; it is time for the last AP CRT for Black Clover at the moment. This is all about this calc that was accepted at 102.85 teratons that’ll affect the top and god tiers, and in this message, I’ll be explaining who scales to it and in...
  39. CloverDragon03

    Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Tanjirou CRT

    Hello, fellow users of the VS Battles Wiki. I wanted to make this CRT for some time now, but I think now is best with the recent Demon Slayer revisions. As you can surmise from the title, it's about Demon Tanjirou. Case in point: I don't think his tier should be Unknown. He has multiple...
  40. CloverDragon03

    Fairy Tail: Low 2-C Neo Eclipse

    No, this title isn't some sort of joke. This is real. This is the fourth Fairy Tail CRT since the forum move and this one is all about Neo Eclipse. This weapon was going to be used by Zeref to reset time back to 400 years ago. It wasn't just time travel, he was going to erase the entire Fairy...
  41. CloverDragon03

    Quick Upgrade Suggestion

    I know that Piers is High 7-A since he doesn't Dynamax his Pokemon, but I feel a High 7-A+ is more fitting for 2 reasons: 1. He was able to defeat Kabu's Gigantamax Centiskorch, which in itself is High 7-A+, without Dynamaxing 2. Raihan admitted that his fight with Piers was a very close match...
  42. CloverDragon03

    Ash Tier Buff

    Following the changes made to Ash's Pikachu, I figured that there should also be some changes made to Ash's profile. My idea for how this could go is that we make a separate key based on this. My idea: 9-B | High 7-A | At least High 7-A, higher with Z-Moves. 4-B with Melmetal, Naganadel, and...
  43. CloverDragon03

    High-End Buff?

    Pretty straightforward: Recently, Endeavor's been boosted to 8-A. Should High-End also be boosted to 8-A for heavily injuring Endeavor?
  44. CloverDragon03

    Two Cinnamon Rolls Battle it Out

    X792 Wendy vs. 100% Full Cowl Deku Both are High 7-A (Wendy's base form AP is 1.01 gigatons and Deku's is 1.115 gigatons for reference) Wendy's Dragon Force is restricted (if this should be changed for a better fight, let me know) Speed equalized Win by KO or incap Wendy: 4 votes...
  45. CloverDragon03

    Pink Demon vs. Ultra Instinct 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Kirby (Right Back At Ya) vs. Zeref (Fairy Heart) Both are Low 6-B, speed equalized Since I know Zeref's Low 6-B AP is 1.1 teratons, I'm using Kirby's lowballed AP here, which is 1.25 teratons (highballed is 3.something teratons so I wanna make the AP gap more fair) Both are bloodlusted Kirby...
  46. CloverDragon03

    So... About the Heroes Rising Movie...

    This is just a quick thing I'd like to address. If you're not aware of the events that make up the climax of the Heroes Rising movie, I suggest leaving because this is spoilers... Have y'all left yet? If you decided to stay, here goes: The premise is pretty simple actually. Bakugo gets One For...
  47. CloverDragon03

    Low 7-C Overhaul?

    I've wondered this for the longest time: Why is Overhaul's final form in the Unknown tier? I'm pretty sure the fact that he was able to fight back against 100% Deku speaks for itself.
  48. CloverDragon03

    At least 6-C Ash or...?

    So... Paul is at least 6-C, while Ash is High 7-A, despite Ash beating Paul... what? My best guess for this is because of how Paul easily mowed down half of Ash's team with Drapion, but I disagree with this because: 1) Staraptor and Buizel were already damaged/tired from previous battles (aka...
  49. CloverDragon03

    Why the Sudden Downgrade?

    How come the god tiers of Fairy Tail (Acnologia, Zeref, Natsu, the Phoenix, the Five Dragon Gods, etc.) were all downgraded from High 6-A to being from High 6-C to Low 6-B, likely 6-A? I understand why Irene was downgraded because of the calculation of her Deus Sema making her a Large Island...
  50. CloverDragon03

    Buff to Natsu's Dragonification

    Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but since Animus with the Dragon Cry is listed as "At least 6-A, likely higher," wouldn't Natsu defeating Animus in his Dragonification form put him at the same tier? I've rewatched the movie and there doesn't seem to be anything that would go against this.
  51. CloverDragon03

    Tomura Shigaraki Tier Buff

    Pretty basic, but Shigaraki is sitting at 8-C right now while Re-Destro is 8-A. Given that Shigaraki was able to overpower Re-Destro after his awakening, shouldn't he boosted to 8-A?
  52. CloverDragon03

    Ash's Pikachu Power Scaling

    This isn't a vs. debate, but it's something I've been meaning to ask due to my own confusion. How is Pikachu's tiering at High 6-A when he's defeated the likes Tapu Koko, who is at a 4-B rating? I'm sure there's a reason for this, but it's gotten me pretty confused.
  53. CloverDragon03

    Thanos vs. Zeref

    Zeref is in his Fairy Heart Form Thanos has possession of the Cosmic Cube Both are High 6-A, speed equalized Thanos is bloodlusted, Zeref is in character Thanos: 0 Zeref: 0 Inconclusive: 1 (So far)