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You are a Pokémon

I thought about this little game. In short, you are a Pokémon and you have to face multiple opponents.

Step 1: Start of any Mystery Dungeon game

Go to a random page and check the number of categories, but do it again if you get a verse page until you get a non-verse page. Then flip a coin using this website. If the result is Heads, you multiply x10 said number of categories and if your number is bigger than 898, substract said number with 898. Then check the national Pokédex number and the number you've got is the Pokémon you have become.

Step 2: FIGHT!

If the random page you've got isn't related to any verse, go to another random one (you're still the Pokémon you got before).

Now time for the Rounds, rules are simple:
  1. You have complete knowledge on the Pokémon's power, the opponent's and the opponents does so on you.
  2. SBA, but speed is = and distance is 10 m.
About the rounds:
  • Round 1: The Pokémon you've got vs The character you've got at the strongest key
  • Round 2: The Composite version of the Pokémon you've got vs The character you've got at the strongest key
  • Round 3: The Composite version of the Pokémon you've got vs The Composite version of the character you've got
  • Round 4: The Composite version of the Pokémon you've got vs The verse of the character you've got
How lucky are you?
I got Mozgus and Heads, he has 13 categories, so that x10 is 130, and the Pokémon that's in the National Dex number 130# is... Gyarados

Clears all rounds (Except maybe 4), and I sure got lucky, if I got Tails I would have ended up with Weedle, lol
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Fighting against Ampharos, and it has 28 categories. So... Sandslash.

Their lightning attacks won't do anything, but I'll get destroyed if they use any physical attacks. GG WP don't even clear the first round.
Originaly i got some slumpy princess from Adventure time but ended up thinking that maybe your page could've given me your result so i re-rolled and ended up having to fight the great one from ben 10 using shelder. Low 7-C vs low 5-B, i have no need to say no more.

Imma just go for take two.
I didn't read the round properly so i lose round 4 when it comes to using mewtwo cause no way in heck is he beating madoka


The Forgotten, Yet Destined
VS Battles
Looks like a fun time to particip8.

Looks like I got Kabuto going up against Ma-kun.

Suffice to say, even as a scuttling fossil crab, this is an easy sweep across the board.