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Would Saitama be able to hunt goblins at his training time?

Saitama takes on Goblin Slayer, Saitama is bloodlusted. Saitama's wall level feat seems to be of a higher end than GS's, but GS is faster and smarter, so let's see how this goes.

Goblin Slayer
A man who can slay goblins in one strategy.

Pre-Training Saitama Render
A man who cannot slay monsters in one punch... YET.


VS Battles
I think GS takes this.

He's faster, smarter more skilled and has better range and his equipment is more than enough to take down the pre-baldy.
Who would win?

A seasoned fighter who has killed uncountable beings of comparable strength using not only might but also wits, using advantage of the environment and put his mind into that of his enemies to predict their moves


A guy who punches stuff


Suffer-Not-Injustice Bambu
VS Battles
Super Moderator
Calculation Group
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I'll join the FRA squad FRA. Goblin Slayer (that guy I've never heard of til now) should take it pretty easily.