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This just popped into my head and I can’t stop thinking about it. I know there’s a one sub-tier difference between them for strength, but this Kirby was the closest one I could find. Wouldn’t doubt it if it was still a stomp though…


“For the second round of Ragnarok, it’s the father of mankind versus the infant of the Star Warrior Race! Both have a bone to pick with those who’d dare take what they love, but who’s passion for protecting what’s important to ones self will come out on top?! Let the battle begiiiiiiiin!!!”

• Speed equalized
• Battlefield is the Ragnarok Tournament Coliseum, specifically in its standard state used for the second round, and each fighter starts at the edges of the arena
• Kirby’s inhale works like it does in smash bros, where the inhalee just pops out after the process, so this isn’t just an instant win by BFR or the like



Kirby copies Eyes of the Lord and they both wait for the other person to attack first (incon):