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Weiss Schnee VS Captain Titus (This might be a bad idea)

Ill operate as if we are using Volume 4-5 Weiss.

As we all know Titus outskills to hell and back due to being from Warhammer 40K, the question is whether Weiss can actually do anything meaningful to Titus before she gets overwhelmed to hell and back by Titus's superior everything. No seriously Titus has Skill, AP, Range, Stamina, intelligence, and experience, the literal only thing Weiss has going for her is Class K Lifting Strength, and Titus having a big skill advantage completely nulls that. Oh and the fact that Weiss will lose her weapon to 1/2 of Titus's melee weapons. Now I know basically nothing on Weiss but Titus seems to pretty much steamroll her