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VSBattlesWiki knowledge that's uncommon

Ayo. As the title suggests, this thread is about some stuff related to the wiki and its rules that people should know about, but are for whatever reason uncommon. I'm not good at starting threads, so I'll just... immediately start us off.

- Speed Equalized matches where one or more characters have speed amps can be added to the respective profile of the characters, as long as the speed amp doesn't lead into blitz territory.
Oh this seems like a good opportunity to get some knowledge out there

-With the new speed equalized rules a match can’t be added if a time stop is used against someone who would normally be unaffected by that. It is unclear whether this includes an infinite speed character or not. The same counts for passives, unless those passives have feats to work on high speed ratings.

-Timeless void feats seem to be completely useless by now.

-Multiple temporal dimensions are a thing, just like there are multiple spatial dimensions. There seems to be lesser proof (maybe even no proof) required for a higher temporal dimension to count for a higher tier, in contrast to spatial dimensions. This is due to the nature of time (making it unlikely for there to be a small time-like dimension) and since it’s basis for low 2-C being more than infinitely superior to 3-A.

-These multiple temporal dimensions can also grant higher levels of immeasurable speed, a character freely moving in 2 temporal dimensions will be immeasurably faster than one freely moving in 1.

-There is currently no set rule on whether Existence Erasure scales with AoE or not, with there being about a 50/50 split between both staff and members. Not within 3D EE, nor 4D EE, however the latter is still treated as superior to the former, meaning there is at least some AoE superiority involved.

-Standard tactics is an optional section that can be added to pages to describe what a character usually does in a combat situation and how they fight in general.
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