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Tournament Discussions Promotion Thread


VS Battles
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This thread is created with the purpose of members promoting tournament style threads in the Versus Battles board or the Fun and Games board.
It's very similar to this, except it's for tournaments as well.


Link your tournament threads down below!

Current Tournaments Active​

  1. High 8-C Creature Feature Brackets!
  2. Spider-Man Raimi Trilogy Mini Tournament!
  3. Baseline 9-B Tournament
  4. 9-B Real World Brackets
  5. High 7-C tournament
  6. Low 7-B tournament
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I want Low 7-B and 8-B tourney. I guess this is because our favorite and known characters are at this tier, but at same time I feel awkward to participate in tournament which I created by myself.

And you know what screw it, I'll try to make it soon, today or tomorrow.
Just a question: What if someone wants to end their tournament ? Does the creator of the tourney has that option ? or is there any specific rule that stats "if you started a tourney you must end it and all matches MUST go on?"
Yes you can and no specific rules about it
As for the current/on-going matches rounds they can still continue but other than thats it, no progress to next rounds and whatsoever, it became your normal matches thread