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Tiering System: High 3-A (Infinite Energy on 3-D Scale =/= High Universal)

Hiya! In the Tiering System for the VS Battles Wiki, for the Tier High 3-A or High Universal, it states if you have an infinite amount of energy, then your AP would be that of High Universal.
In DBZ, The Androids possess infinite energy, no ki, but strength varies.
yet a universal AP was never shown until Dragon Ball Super B.O.G (Which still has some arguments behind why it was Universal)
What I'm attempting to say, Androids had Infinite Energy on a 3-D Scale, yet did not have an AP of High Universal (High 3-A)\

(Infinite Energy and Limitless Stamina)
https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tiering_System#3-A:_Universe_level (Tiering System, High 3-A)

Thoughts on this?
Infinite energy as in infinite stamina, not infinite attack potency. They just don't get tired.
the scan distinguishes infinite energy and infinite stamina

but yeah the androids aren't high uni as they aren't capable of demonstrating all of that energy at once
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My headcanon regarding this is the Androids do have infinite power, but their "Window" of being able to channel said power is small. So, when they train such as 17, they are able to "widen" that "window" instead of just naturally getting stronger like Goku and co. That's just how I perceive it, however.