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Goblin Slayer deals with monsters like this all the time. While he might have some difficulty dealing with his raw size and strength, as he did with the Ogre, he can just use his Gate Scroll to cut the Gremloblin in half or cleave his head with his blade. I doubt the water would transform the Gremloblin due to how much pressure it produces as he would be dead or bisected before he could transform. He could also heal fromsome damage the beast might produce with his potions.

So I'll vote Goblin Slayer.
both are wall level in Attack and Durability but GS has above wall level attack power with Gate scroll the moment he opened it the water was already surrounding and slaughtering a monster much larger than Gremlobin I don't see Gremlobin dodging it once it hits hes either one shotted or damaged to the point he can't stop GS from finishing him off . Gremlobin has poison and fear hax but GS has resistance to poison via antidote and he's stone cold with a mind so clouded with rage murderous intent towards Goblins I don't see him getting scared . Goblin Slayer stomps Imo I vote for him .