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'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt P&A and Weakness | WWE CRT

Funny how I never touched upon this despite being a long-time wrestling fan. So I have no issue with Bray Wyatt's P&A, but somethings are missing for his The Fiend key.

The Fiend should have Limited Invulnerability, Fear Manipulation, and Possibly Resistance to Pain Manipulation. And a possible weakness, as shown on his Twitter. I'll go over all these.

Invulnerability: He can't be beaten the same way twice. Something The Fiend established from the get-go is that he is after those who beat him in the past. And pretty much shrugs off everything that is thrown at him. Not affected by Kevin Owen's stunner. In his match with Seth Rollins, he instantly got up after so many consecutive Curb Stomps, and survived a total of 11 Curb Stomps, despite Seth beating Brock Lesnar with 3 Stomps, and also surviving getting his head smashed in with a sledgehammer and was only down on the ground to lure in Seth, after which he showed he was completely fine. So he's pretty much invulnerable to all the attacks of his opponents he's faced previously, and that's why its limited. Because when he faced Goldberg, an opponent he never fought before, he lost.

Fear Manipulation: Finn Balor just being his presence was shaking in fear, despite facing Brock Lesnar just months ago, who is also feared by the locker room. The commentators also back this up. The commentators say they feel fear just as onlookers and it's likely worse for Finn who is up close.

Resistance to Pain: Even as Firefly Fun House Bray Wyatt, in a match against the Miz, he let's him hurt him all he wants and doesn't feel a thing, he laughs while having nose ripped. Laughs again after being hit with Skull Crushing Finale. Gets his arm broken, which the commentators described as pleasure for him. Bray can teach how not to feel pain anymore, which the commentators confirmed isn't a figure of speech. Showed no sign of pain when poping his shoulder back in place. Laughs after stabbing his hand with a pen. Wasn't showing any signs of pain while on fire.

Weakness: Remember his Twitter I brought up, its gives an interesting fact about The Fiend, he is similar to Samson, Samson was betrayed by his lover Delilah, who, sent by the Philistines officials to entice him, ordered a servant to cut his hair while he was sleeping and turned him over to his Philistine enemies, who gouged out his eyes and forced him to grind grain in a mill at Gaza. So in the case, Alexa Bliss betrayed Bray Wyatt and seeing how she had same abilities as The Fiend's, took away his Invulnerability, which is why he lost to 1 RKO. I don't know how we can word this, but I think it'd be pretty cool.


The fact that I stumbled across this just now...

Looks pretty good, but let me contact other WWE supporters, as well as some staff members.
Being strong is not proof of Invulnerability.
Being scary is not proof of Fear Manipulation.
He isn't just strong though, hell, there are guys stronger and tougher than he is, which is why I brought up Brock Lesnar. No amount of finishers or damage can keep him down when facing his past opponents, the tweet he made literally confirms this, Alexa Bliss took away his Invul and he lost easily to one finisher.

As for the fear manip, it's compared to the Undertaker, who uses supernatural means to intimidate.