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The Cosmic Rematch (ADDED)

marvel practically did not say that Dormammu = eternity so the ap is irrelevant, so it all depends on their hax with which they lead, even if this is likely to end in a draw again. so inclusive.
Since no setting was given, eternity wins very effortlessly as Dormammu is not within his Dark Dimension, and that makes him horrendously weak and feeble as compared to being within his own realm.

But you said they are both at their peaks so I have to assume this battle is happening WITHIN the dark dimension itself. However this doesn't really change anything. Eternity is a part of something greater, the Living Tribunal. Who is to say he doesn't know about Dormammu's weakness to time travel? There are just so many unsaid advantages just being a "fraction" of the Living Tribunal himself. However I am aware this is an M-Body Eternity we are dealing with. Eternity would make Dormammu time travel outside of his realm and then with a weakened Dormammu, he would finish him off.

If I go to Dormammu and see how he can outmatch eternity, he would simply have to merge with his other selves from different timelines to amplify himself and being within his dark dimension would increase his massive AP advantage to the point Eternity would have to instead focus on stopping his merge.

This match could go either way. Dormammu has had more W's over Eternity (it was an M-Body eternity not the Multi-Eternity) via comics but true eternity could simply grant his M-Body more power if the M-Body of Eternity calls upon it (these type of cosmic beings should be able to do this as a no-brainer) but then again.... it wouldn't be a 1v1 fight now would it?

So we say it's a 1v1 fight. No outside help or assistance in any form or way. Eternity is a concept of a greater degree. Dormammu has the dark dimension and that's about it.

If the setting was specifically stated, then Dormammu would win inside his realm,outside of that he loses. Merged Dormammu wins easily but loses if M-Body Eternity is granted more power from Multi-Eternity if he calls upon it.

Inconclusive for me