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The Balloon Fighter finally fights a balloon (2-0-0)

Since you didn't equalized speed, I'm going to assume it's not equal. Pink Bloon is Hypersonic, while Balloon Fighter can react and percieve lightning, but moves and likely attacks at Athletic Human Speed.'

Good luck for the Balloon Fighter hitting the Pink Bloon

Pink Bloon is also 2 times stronger (4117.72 J for the Bloon VS 2163.778481 J for Balloon Fighter)
Oh. Pink Bloon still have the AP advantage. This is a pretty straightforward battle since both barely have haxes

Voting Pink Bloon unless he can like somehow avoid it with flight and penetrate it somehow
They both ram into each other, probably. Balloon Fighter is 2163.778481 Joules, while a Pink Bloon should be at about 1058.84 Joules. The Pink does have 5 chances, but it gets progressively weaker over time as it loses layers.

So, the Baloon Fighter successfully fights the Balloon.