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Suggestion to possibly improve the wiki and CRTs

So, getting a good CRT going for fan characters is nearly impossible, so how about there be a note on profiles that links discussion threads for the verse as a whole? I'd also offer this for verse profiles, but verse profiles are rarely checked and even some prominent pages (Such as Sonic.EXE) lack verse profiles, or even enough of a verse to be worth having a verse profile for. So, having a note linking to a verse discussion thread, which then could link to CRTs, could make CRTs much easier and more possible.


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Anything that'll help bring more attention to the forum should certainly encouraged, especially for more prominent pages and verses.
It's just hard because FC/OC even taken, as whole doesn't currently have nearly the active editing userbase of VSB's popular verses.
To speak on pages I've made myself, I've done some off site promotions for that and FC/OC as whole recently, but yeah, just hard to find interested parties.