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Status update: All's well!


VS Battles
Thread Moderator
First and foremost, my apologies for not notifying members on my absence - I initially thought it would be only a few days' break but things started to pile up and I ended up forgetting almost entirely about the issue. That is a breach of conduct I shall not repeat.

But secondly, the reasons of my absence and return: I got into a very difficult time at university, with tests, work and my tenure as secretary all combining into a constant flow of work for the last few weeks. However, the biggest thing was the increased package of anxiety that came with everything, and I kept putting off returning until I solved everything - until I noticed it's been more than two, three weeks since I had last given any notice.

Thankfully, most of the issues at hand have been solved - and I haven't been idle this entire time! I have worked up a few things that I would be able to post here as soon as I came back, and that I am proud to annouce that, sooner or later, I might be publishing my first paper at university!

In any case, as soon as I get home, I intend to get back on track. Love to y'all!