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Sorcerers that have been around for a long time (Ancient One vs Agatha Harkness)

Does Ancient One have the Eye of Agamotto? If so, I'm not sure Agatha has a way to easily counter that (granted, Ancient One would probably be reluctant to use it in character)

Regardless, I would still lean toward Ancient One winning this due to being smarter and more experienced, as well as appearing to be a bit more versatile, though it would be with greater difficulty if she doesn't have/use the Eye.
I don't know how this match is really doable when agatha's AP and dura are completely unknown.

It's most likely a stomp anyways. Wanda can survive Agatha's blasts just fine, and absorption out of the question since AO has never been seen using energy blasts outside of what if.
Agatha only has magical absorbtion here going by the profile
Ancient one has the time stone skill iq and her spell Like power null transmuatation bfr power absorbtion and duplication
Giving to ancient one unless agatha starts with magic absorbtion în which case matters who does shit first
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