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Some person with a giant Ring fights a grey karate baby

The Player and Ring are making their way along one of their regular running paths when they suddenly come across a Machop in the road. Thinking it's one of Dragaux' monsters, they jump to fight it.

Machop is being used (1.5e+12 J)

The Player is in their Fitness Master Finalia key (1.4e+12 J) and has all equipment except Pink (resurrection) smoothies.

Speed is equalized


The Player (Ring Fit Adventure):

Just reusing this one since the profile for the player was since deleted and remade, and I didn't feel like making a new thread that would just look the same.
I'm interested in how this goes, but right now I'm too sleepy to craft a discussion of the combatants. If anyone else wants to go over this match, though, I encouage them to do so.
You know what, screw it. Let's bring back this thread for the new forum. Want to try and get RFA used a bit more