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Servant Invulnerability Downgrade, kinda

So, I only have recently come into VS Wiki and noticed a giant issue with the “Servant Physiology” section, which seems to believe bullets just bounce off of servants because they’re “Divine Mystery’s”, but this just… isn’t true.

More specificly, we should look at a few sources of information, one being a direct translation in comparison to the Moon Translation and “Fate/Side Material”,

Firstly, “Fate/Side Material” states:

“Servants could revert to Spiritual Form at any time. While in Spiritual Form, they could pass through inorganic matters that lack mana.
During Lancer's surprise drop attack from the ceilings at the Emiya residence, he phased through the roof and entered the living room. He then materialized after clearing the ceiling.
While in Spiritual Form, Servants were not affected by physical interference. However, their abilities to affect the material world decreased. As a result, it was considered advantageous to materialize during combat.”

Secondly, a direct translation of Rins statement

“ Additionally,
 what it is that is above all problematic is the matter that the existences known as Servants are by default as spiritual corpora.
 Humans absent of spiritual awareness (霊感, reikan, "spiritual senses") are incapable of observing even their forms.
 Despite all this, as of the point in time at which they come to possess corporeality (実体, jittai; "extant corpora," in the sense of physicality) and thereby become capable of interfering with the manifest world, Servants might be referred to as the strongest of weapons, no? In any event, by the science of present day, weapons and so forth that are effective against spiritual corpora are nonextant.
Attacks from our side wouldn't communicate; Attacks from their side would communicate.”

Now finally; A statement even from the Moon Translation in regards to Saber Alter

TLDR: Rins statement was a poor translation to begin with, and Fate/Side Material, Rider in HF, and her direct statement contradict it.

Servants can’t be hurt by Modern means because they enter a spiritual form, and an do so quickly, and the only way to interact with the spiritual form is to use mana-based methods. She also says;
 “Listen alright? It's strictly other Servants, who are likewise as spiritual corpora (霊体, reitai), that can defeat Servants. Though, seeing as if the opposition corporealizes (実体化, jittai-ka, "renders to extant corpora"), attacks from us would likewise be able to land, assuming that we can skillfully take advantage of it, it's possible that we could defeat them as well.”

Showing how such a fact can be taken advantage of.

Edit; Forgot this source from “Fate/Complete Material III”

Spiritual Body and Material Body
“Spiritual Body” is a word that describes an existence with spiritual properties. In other words, a shape is constructed without relying on components with physical properties. On the other hand, “Material Body” means something that is identical in structure as our flesh bodies. A Material Body, just like us, cannot walk through walls, and will hurt and become wounded when beaten with an iron baton. However, a Spirit Body is capable of completely disregarding such physical interference. Attacking a Spiritual Body with a baton or sword (unless they are magical items) will only hit empty space.
When Servants materialise, they acquire Material Bodies in this world. They can also switch to Spiritual Bodies through their will. Spiritual Bodies have the advantages such as low mana consumption, and difficult to be detected by enemies. One of the properties of a Spiritual Body is that it is unaffected by physical interference, but conversely it is difficult for a Spiritual Body to affect a Material Body. As a result, Servants Materialise when engaging in combat.”
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Oh wait; I didn’t realize the other topic board delved into this topic, I only saw the start of it and assumed it wasn’t relevant