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Saber vs Saber of Red. Why hasn't anyone done this yet?


Fate/Zero Saber vs Mordred.

I'm not sure if anything needs to be restricted or not, so let me know to make this as fair as possible.

Except Avalon. Avalon is super overpowered.


Pretty sure they equal until they draw their NPs. Mordred has slightly worse instinct, and their power is the same. If the battle is ended in close, it would likely end the same way it did in history, with Mordred dying to land a lethal blow on Artoria.

Mordred has slighty more power, but worse agility and tied endurance. Saber has more mana and can use Excalibur more thusly, though it shouldn't matter much until the end of the battle. Mordred has worse instincts, but battle con to continue fighting if she takes hard blows due to that.

The real end comes from the NPs. Excalibur under Kerry is A++, whereas Clarent Blood Arthur is A+. Despite FGO having it be a part of the NP, CBA is not any more effective against "Artoria type" enemies than any other, at least in lore. So when the two clash, Mordred will lose out.

After the NP Clash, Mordred's battle con will allow her to keep fighting for a bit, but she'll be exhausted and near death, and an easy win for Artoria to take.

So, Artoria takes this maybe 7-8/10 times. Thusly, my vote is for her.
The only reason Mordred even landed a lethal blow was a curse from Morgan. Otherwise, she was just dead there.

We already know the end result of this, she goes down. I also don't see Mordred surviving even if they exchange Sword Beams - Excalibur is so much more above Clarent Blood Arthur it is not even hilarious, I doubt there would be much of her left after that.