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Regular Show: About the Baby Ducks and Geese

The Geese are missing a key on their profile, which is the Moto Goosowary X (the form between giant and lunar goosowary).

And as for the power revisions, I have a blog here that showcases the feats. So in that blog...
-Baby Ducks’ Hyperduck key becomes High 8-C+, and so The Geese’s giant form upscales into 8-B via stomping the Hyperduck.
-Geese’s forms from Moto Goosowary and above are ranked 5-A, and the Baby Ducks’ forms from Hyperduck Extreme-Park Variant and above would scale.

Finally, missing abilities. The Lunar Goosowary X, Omega Warrior should get Deconstruction via the Nega Missile, which disintegrated the HU-FGW’s shield and arm when it tried to block it. The Geese’s Giant form should also get Danmaku via the Scramble Missiles.
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