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Question about Servant Stats

I was confused over how servants get their stats. Here are some few:

7-A+ Servants (For A-Rank Strength and above): I know that the main scale is Heracles, who was stated to destroy a Mountain with its strikes, but wouldn't it be just Mountain level instead of having the extra +? And B-Rank and below Servants should be only City level+. Does anyone have proof of the need for the extra + at the end?

6-C for Top-Rank Noble Phantasms: I was also confused by this. The top feats for such Noble Phantasms only seem to be around Large Mountain level instead of Island level, such as Arturia Alter vaporising the fragments of Bennu with Excalibur Morgan, or Karna's Brahmastra destroying a portion of the Yggdmillenia Fortress, or Saber's Excalibur destroying Gilles' Giant Beast. Does anyone have a solid proof for an Island level Noble Phantasm?