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Power Ranger Revisions (Jungle Fury Part 2: pizza time)

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This isnt anything big, AP revision for best boy RJ, next revisions for jungle fury will be intell and skill revision which will be very interesting, now lets get to it


The main problem is that despite RJ being a master he isnt on the level of the other masters since his superior ranger form struggles with the overlords but also RJ keeps training and stuff so thats my opinion on the new rating
At least Small Building level (Far superior to the unmorphed rangers as a master), Island level by the end of the series (Should be comparable to other masters at this point), Varies from Multi-City block level to Island level with Animal Spirit abilities (Depending on the Arc) | Multi-City block level (Can easily defeat and destroy enemies that can overpower the main 3 rangers), higher with animal spirit abilities and finishers | Island level (Can fight and defeat Phantom Beasts, comparable to other jungle fury rangers), higher with animal spirit abilities and finishers
Keys: RJ | Overlords Arc (11-21) | Phantom Beast Arc (22-32)
reasons for the tiers here


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So where’s 9-A come from?

Edit: Nevermind, found the calc
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