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Original Character & Fanfiction Characters Questions


Formerly 'Grace_Presence'
I would like to make some character on FC/OC Battle Wiki. I would like to ask some things before i start making it.

1: Do fanfiction Feats, count as real feats for the Profile.

2: Is it okay to make a character without story, or does it have to have a story??

3: Is there any templates i can copy.

4. Minimum Requirements for a good profile.
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  1. Depends, if they explicitly consider feats in the main series outliers, or supersede the main series in terms of potent abilities then yes.
  2. Not entirely but if you plan to use them in a debate its preferred to the point of almost being a requirement. (Opinion)
  3. Follow this page's instructions and use Source Editor. Visual Editor has trouble with more complex profile layouts.
  4. The profile needs to be in "complete" status upon posting. Barring potential future stat and ability revisions. I would highly recommend creating and editing in a sandbox until you're ready to post the profile, at which you can copy and paste everything in your sandbox to the profile.