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New Staff Promotions

AKM sama

The Waifu Connoisseur
VS Battles
Human Resources
Hi everybody!

Halloween is around the corner and with that we are also getting another batch of scary promotions. After getting input from most of our staff members, on behalf of all the bureaucrats, I am happy to announce the new promotions in the staff team.

Sysop/Administrator: @LordGriffin1000

Thread Moderators: @Armorchompy, @CrimsonStarFallen and @UchihaSlayer96

These are well deserved promotions and I am glad that they will be shouldering increased responsibilities in their new positions and hope they'll do well. Congratulations to all of them, and please make them feel welcome below.


LordGriffin1000 should read the Sysops instructions page.

Armorchompy, CrimsonStarFallen and UchihaSlayer96 should read the Thread Moderators instructions page.

They all should read the Advice to the staff of the VS Battles wiki.