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Need help with these feats

So I have some feats here from a screenplay I wrote that I'm making profiles for and I was wondering what tier these feats would place the character at. I've listed the feats from durability and AP and the characters they apply to. (There are some speed feats, but they're pretty simple so I figured I'll calc those myself.)

Durability feats:
S-2 and A-4 get hit by a tank's missile: "A Tank fires a missile that crashes in front of the A-4 and S-2, sending them to the ground when it explodes."

A-4 gets hit by an F-15 Eagles missile, only getting a bloody left arm and leg: "The final F-15 Eagle fires all of its remaining missiles at A-4- overwhelmed and hit, he falls out of the smoke and toward the ground."

AP feats:
A-4 shreds an F-15 Eagle with a burst of wind (This feat would also apply to General Darel's Giakirā armor Mark I, which was unfazed by A-4's windblast)

S-2 fires a massive beam of energy at a military brigade: "S-2 fires a massive red energy beam, destroying everything in its trajectory." (The energy beam most likely destroyed the tanks by causing them to explode and most likely vaporized the people inside and the military brigade. The tanks are M1 Abrams)

S-2 cuts an F-15 Eagle left wing with her Katana, cuts another F-15 Eagle in half from the nose, and causes one to explode by throwing her Katana at it: (If it helps, S-2's swords are based on Ramlethal Valentine's which are slightly taller than her)

S-2 dodges bullets fired from an M61 cannon: (I'm not sure whether this is calculable or not, but I assume it's a Supersonic+ feat based on this)
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AP and Dura seem to be 9-A.

The weapon you linked has a muzzle velocity of 1,050 m/s or Supersonic+
I figured the dura would be a 9-A feat and I also looked at the references for common feats and saw that destroying a plane via fragmentation is a High 8-C feat, so I figured destroying a F-15 Eagle would be around the same.