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Mukuro Ikusaba vs Kamen Rider Ouja


High 7-C Danganronpa is a thing now, should get my attention 👀
I feel High 7-C matches with Danganronpa will be wacky in good way so let's see the progress of it
Anyway going to contributing the matches, imma pick the most versatile ones and of course it will be Mukuro, i have a two planned matches with her, one that is this match and one will be released later

And yes....it will be against the Rider, more specifically the most psychopatic Rider in the franchise, from a series that inspired Urobuchi to made what we know as Madoka Magica, the cobra-man against one girl army!
This match is basically fire against fire......wHaT COuLd gO wRonG!?
Let's get to the battle!

● ------------------------------------- ●
As a chaos ensured in the most well known and most haunted tunnel in Indonesia, Asakura walked throught the mess he caused
He got arrested by Indonesian Police and Military after became an international criminal, responsible on the death of many peoples and destruction in Japan. He escaped after fought the member of JDF that tasked for exterminated the monsters, and the fact fhat both tied proved how much of treat he is
Now in the Indonesia capital, his presence caused a mass panic which made the Indonesia Defense Force in siege, resulted on his arrest, however he couldn't be stopped at all by just a mere human power, the monsters he had helped him, killed many of the polices and soldiers, and destroyed the many of the defense force vehicles

Asakura walked, and noticed something came after him....
An Jeep, Military Jeep....in high speed....and one of it's weapon aimed to him, and shot! Luckily he dodged it, theJeep seems being driven by an lunatic, but the weapons that being used weren't, it shot again with an very good accuracy
The Jeep crashed towards the wall, Asakura hid in the destroyed vehicle, and from that Jeep, a young girl stepped from the Jeep, she carried bazillions of weapons on her back, looks like she's going for the blood, hunting the snake

"I have located him, but looks like he's hiding somewhere..."

"Easy there, Mukuro-chan, you don't want to get dragged to that "world" if you're being reckless, right~?"

"I know, can you tell me what kind of "world" is that again?"

Asakura listened from his hideout, he soon know this girl isn't an ordinary human, as she's tasked to hunted him down, he's seems excited....excited for tasting the fight with this girl, he then realize there's gun lying around him

"Basically, watch out from his pets, they are not an monster from this world"


"So, here's how to countering his tactic to drag-"


A sound of gunshot, Asakura intended to shot Mukuro, but he missed and hit the phone. Amused, he's stared at her, he grin for a blood
Without waiting any further, Mukuro began her assault, fired many of her firerarms, which Asakura dodged, and in a second....he's already transformed!
Now the bloody battle between them couldn't be escaped! With a little knowledge Mukuro had about the "mirror world", could she do something!?
The battle between them start now!

  • Rider Form Takeshi/Ouja is used and Mukuro is in her Battle Trance Mode
  • Speed are equalized
  • Both are in-characters
  • Mukuro had a limited prior knowledge upon Mirror World via communication with Junko from the phone
  • Mukuro is armed with: Wired Baseball Bat, Katana, Combat Knifes, Brass Knuckles, Pair of Karambit, AK-47, Browning M2, M61 Vulcan Cannon/Mini-Gun, Colt Python, Mauser C96, RPG, SMAW, Pfeifer Zeliska Revolver, Shotguns (Sawn-off and Mossberg 500), Thompson Submachine Gun, Sako TRG Sniper Rifle, Magnum Researcher BFR, Bow, Crossbow, Grenades (Explosion, Flame, Flashbang, StealHand Type), Flamethrower, Throwing Darts (Normal and Poison), and C4 Bomb
  • Mukuro is also riding an Lenco Bearcat G2, Military Modificated Mitsubishi Jeep J59, ILSV, Type 19 155 mm Wheeled Self-propelled Howitzer, and M270 MLRS
  • Place located in: Casablanca Tunnel, Indonesia, and many of the glasses/mirrors from the destroyed vehicles are spreaded around there
  • images
  • Starting Distance: 10 Meters
  • Win via anything!!
  • The One Girl Armies: 0
  • The King Cobra Slaughter: 0
  • Inconclusive: 6 (Fanta, Doggo, Random, Pokemon, Ixa, Myself)


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VS Battles
Calculation Group
Ohma should win by a variety of hax (sealing, poison, acid, "fake black hole", etc.) whenever he gets a hit in.
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Sealing isn't used for combat, fake black hole range is shitty and it requiring Takeshi to summon Genocider, the hole is located on Genocider chest
Why shitty? Because it's part of Ouja final vent, where he need to Rider Kick'd the opponent to Genocider which it suck the opponent to the black hole
What's the Kamen's skill chain looking like.
Okay, usually a mass murderer, good enough to last a long while inside the free for all Rider v Rider fight while keeping his pet snake happy via daily monster hunting.

I think the scariest is the fact that she'll get drag into Mirror World which is extremely hostile to anyone that aren't native, or a Rider.

Usually dissolve/EE them in matter of minute.
Explain please on how Mukuro can get dragged into this mirror world? Thought-based? Has to grab her? Drag her? Hit?
Has to physically drag/punt her into the nearest reflective surface, this can be as small as something like a bike helmet.

Of course, his snake boy can also do so.

Asakura can also perform hit-and-run via the whole Mirror World too.
I have finally completed the conditions (titus Mukuro is armed with so many vehicles and weapons)
And i forgot to add it in the OP (which i fixed it earlier), Mukuro has the limited knowledge about Mirror World, yeah based on the story that i'll write in the OP Junko will explain about how this "unknown world" work before the phone got crashed by one of Ouja attack


By doing that you might as well have Velox disable Ouja's immersion.
Why not use Scissors instead?

Well, it's just my opinion. Whatever the case, I'm going to give my analysis of the fight:

Mukuro seems to scale above 173 kilotons, while Ouja scales to 109 kilotons, so she has an AP advantage, but Ouja takes the LS area with Class M.

Mukuro, from what I can tell, takes skills and experience quite easily. While Ouja isn't a slouch either, none of his skills can even be compared to Mukuro's feat.

Ouja's arsenal and Mirror World are what make him dangerous in this match. The battlefield would make it easier for Ouja to jump in and out or summon Mirror Monsters to aid him. He could potentially catch Mukuro off guard and drag her into Mirror World, where she would eventually die in a minute. Now, Ouja is the kind of enemy who enjoys inflicting pain and fighting to death, so he won't immediately use that move, but if he feels like he's being cornered or is about to lose, he'll take his chance to survive.

Since Mukuro is given limited knowledge about Mirror World, I'd assume that she knows that Ouja can travel through mirrors, so she's probably always on guard. Enhanced senses are good if Ouja attempts to sneak attack or if mirror monsters appear. Mukuro is given tons of weapons and vehicles, but I'm not sure how good she is with them or how they are applicable in tight spaces.

Personally, I think Ouja has more chances, but Mukuro could likely win if she plays smart. I'm not voting yet because I want to hear from Danganronpa supporters on both sides.


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Ye, I just don't know what to say here. Mukuro, I think, has the skill + experience advantage, a minor AP advantage that is boosted by her weaponry and pierce damage + her scaling above it to a notable degree, and she is going to be really tough to catch due to her rela+ reactions and her enhanced senses boosting that reaction time even moreso. Plus, she has limited prior knowledge. Meanwhile, Ouja has the hax and LS advantage that can really screw Mukuro up if she messes up just once, plus, Ouja has the battlefield advantage.

Honestly, there are a lot of factors that could work for or against either one. Kinda makes me neutral, leaning towards incon, atm. will change my mind if there are more arguments for either side.


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atleast she is not a simp in the If story (I hate really how they just turned her to a simp)
True, true... Honestly, I kinda regard DR3 as something that is non-canon as it bastardized pretty much everyone in the first two games. At least with DRV3, it can very much be treated as a game that takes place in an A.U that doesn't affect the first two games.

Looks like an incon here.
I'm just happy that this KR match seems pretty fair, all things considered.