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Minor Addition to Post-Fusion Samus

Post-Fusion Samus should have this justification added to her Absorption ability:
After awakening her Metroid Powers, Samus can siphon the energy of her opponents using her left hand, which she has used against an E.M.M.I. and against Raven Beak.
Whichever key this would apply to, I'm not sure - likely Gravity Suit and Metroid Suit, since she first uses this in her Gravity Suit - but this should be on the profile since something like this is only noted in the Metroid Suit key, but doesn't explain it in this way.

This should be relatively simple imo
I feel like this should be noted to be Power Absorption, since she was able to get the Power Bomb upgrade from the E.M.M.I. she siphoned energy from, and also the Hyper Beam from Raven Beak when unlocking the Metroid Suit. So I propose something akin to this. . .

Gravity Suit:
Power Absorption (After awakening her Metroid Powers, Samus can siphon the energy of her opponents using her left hand, which she used against an E.M.M.I. to obtain Power Bombs)
Metroid Suit (rewriting of the current Absorption already in the key tabber):
Greater Power Absorption (Increased the range of her absorption, being able to absorb the power from Raven Beak's entire airship, Itorash, rather than the opponent right in front of her. After siphoning Raven Beak of his energy, Samus was able to use the Hyper Beam. This is always active when Samus has the Metroid Suit)