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Measurement help

I'm currently taking interest in calculations (mainly cause of my friend's vs show i'm working on)

But I don't really know how to convert pixels to inches, meters, etc.

Help would be appreciated
You need a "measuring stick". Something in the scene you know, or can readily assume or determine the size of.

For example, a human with a known age is often workable, because average heights, even across age is useable. Sometimes, you might use doors, or windows or building storey heights, or maybe wildlife if it's a species with a consistent height.

That page, as well as the stuff linked in the See Also section may prove helpful.

Once you have something with a size to use as a measuring stick, you measure it in pixels, & use that for the basis of a conversion ratio for pixels to whatever unit of measurement you're using.

You got a metal bar 1 meter tall, and you measure that it's height is 40 pixels tall, this means every pixel on the scene, for any object that is close to the metal bar, equals 2.5 cm