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Looking for matches against oil man

Don't submit characters that aren't in the following tiers:
  • 9-A (Preferably around baseline or baseline)
  • 8-A (Bonus if they are 8-A+)
  • 7-C (Baseline to 50 Kilotons preferably)
  • High 7-A (Preferably baseline but anything works, can fight baseline 6-Cs but nothing higher)
  • 6-C (FRA)
  • 6-A (946 Teratons, can fight anywhere in can only fight baseline High 6-A characters if using high 6-A)
  • High 6-A (FRA)
  • Low 5-B (7 Zettatons)
Said character: here
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, A master swordswoman, Ice Manipulation, Flash Freezing and Paralysis Inducement, Glyph Creation (Can create mid-air platforms, restraints, and barriers and mix magic with them to use elemental attacks and they can accelerate and decelerate things or herself, others), Explosion Manipulation (is able to make Glyphs that can explode with a crush of her hand), Gravity Manipulation via Glyphs, Limited Time Manipulation (can boost her speed with time dilation), Forcefield Creation via Glyphs and Forcefield Creation with Aura (she has a full body forcefield around her body), Extrasensory Perception (can sense beings with magic and can sense life energy), Magic, Fire Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Summoning (can summon foes and things she has killed that are strong as her, if not stronger), Size Manipulation (she can change the size of her ice armor), Precognition (can predict someone's moves on what they will do next), Soul Manipulation (can take out peoples souls and is able to attack them and can even absorb them), Non-Physical Interaction, Can Transform into her wyvern forms, Regeneration (Mid-Low), Statistics Amplification (with ice armor), Telekinesis, Resistance to Soul Manipulation/Possession and Illusion Manipulation

She has no magic when she is limited to 8-A so no element powers or soul Manipulation