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Light and Darkness, Abilities and Resistances - Ultra Series Revision

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Hello there, this time I'm here to propose a universal change on the Ultras. After that, it's more of a selective power addition for the major baddies of the series.

In its shortest form, I am proposing resistance towards biological, mind and soul manipulation for all Ultras.

Inner Lights and Space

To start things off, the Ultras are known as Giants of Light, a title that's pretty literal most times. Basically, inside every single Ultra that's existed there is a thing called an Inner Light and an Inner Space, where their human hosts or forms usually reside in once transformed or where they themselves reside when not. Inner Lights are the Ultras' very being, it is their soul.

Here we'll switch from Inner Light to Inner Space because that's where we see the more explicit feats directly stating or showing the Ultras' lights as being their souls. Alternatively, Inner Spaces are also called Spiritual World.


"精神世界でベリアルを抱きしめるリク" which translates to "Riku embracing Belial in the Spiritual World".

Here is one example:

The beginning of the video also has the soul stuff in action. Basically, Belial takes over Zero's body which traps away his soul, leaving him unable to fight back.

Ref 1:
(Belial keeps Zero's soul tied up)

Ref 2:
(A representation of Zero's Inner Space where Belial taunts him)

Ref 3:
(Zero regains his will and stops his possessed body in its tracks as he resists against Belial's power)

Here's the second case where similar things happen, Belial does soul stuff and main Ultra resists it by the time they regain their will to fight.

Ref 1:
(Belial's Inner Space, or Spiritual World in this case, where he subdues Geed and begins influencing him)

Ref 2: Same video, at points 5:10 and 5:56 (Belial warps his Inner Space, similarly to how it was for Zero whose Inner Space warped to suit his mental condition/spiritual strength, Geed's eyes later turns red as a sign of him being swayed over)

Ref 3: Again, now at 7:25 (Belial takes a backseat in the Spiritual World, allowing Geed to take over the Chimeraberos body to fight against Zero)

Ref 4: Point 8:39 (King outright states that he'll transfer Laiha's consciousness to save Geed's soul)

Extra ref: Point 9:26 (Belial threatens to destroy Laiha, or her soul, but fails thanks to King's interference. Also serves as supporting feat that other Ultras would have this resistance)

Ref 5: Point 10:14 (Geed's eyes revert back to blue as a sign of him breaking free from Belial's influence. There is a bit of outside force involved, but it did relied innately on Geed to make that decision)

Extra refs: Points 10:56 and 18:41 (In the first one, we see Riku jumping out of Belial's Inner Space, possibly thanks to King, but it still symbolizes him breaking free from it. The second one is likely to be seen as being metaphorical, but given what was shown before, I believe it could be the show solidifying Geed's own spiritual fortitude)

Aside from what's already seen like the Ultras regaining their will to fight, it should also be known that both instances required Belial to take unorthodox approaches rather than simply doing what they needed to. He lulls Zero into "defeating" him before taking advantage of his shock to force himself into his soul. Even after absorbing Geed, Belial still needed to sway him to his side before the assimilation is completed.

Now let's move on to the second biggest case of soul resistance.

Main ref:
As shown in the video, two of the three main Ultras manifest in the main human protagonist's Consciousness World to hold off a mass of darkness.

2nd ref: (In this, the main villain Tregear reaches into Taiga's Inner Space, which has been established before as being the realm of one's consciousness, and releases the accumulated darkness inside him. Not only that, but Taiga himself manifests inside of it in order to protect his host, again a similar case as that of Zero and Geed's)




This line pretty much confirms that the darkness affected Taiga down to a spiritual level.

Extra ref: Point 21:11 (Here we see that by claiming Taiga's soul, Tregear is able to expel Hiroyuki, Titas and Fuma out of his body, showing that corruption is a greater form of soul manipulation in this series)

3rd ref: (In this scene, Hiroyuki enters Taiga's Consciousness Realm through his Color Timer, which requires special means so nullifying any point in which the color timer could potentially be a weakness, and snaps Taiga out of the trance the darkness has him in. Once Taiga gets power of friendshipped, it strips away every bit of darkness inside him, again while having outside help, still required him to fight back the corruption on his own)

4th ref:




Once again, we are shown an example of Ultras universally having the power to repel darkness, or any evil energy that tries to claim their souls. And as seen, any corruption on a spiritual scale also affects the mind given Geed and Taiga's change in their mental state, alignment and morality.

I forgot to add why it can be a universal application. This is because all three Ultras are capable of resisting the darkness as well as its subsets, despite having originated from differing homeworld across different universes.

Here is a lesser, but just as effective showing of Ultras resisting the power of darkness that can corrupt their very being.

Main ref: (In this scene, the Belial Card which has the power to corrupt him, refuses to be scanned. While it has been said that Belial's power is dangerous, this is still an example of Ultras resisting external powers. Skipping over to point 14:10 where the transformation is complete, we see Gai losing to the power of darkness, symbolized by his rage and how his transformation scene begins afterwards)

2nd ref: (Here, Orb who's driven to a corner uses the Belial card in desperation. Yet he fails to use that power and again goes berserk. Take note however, that before using the card, Orb is in a perfectly healthy state of mind, showing that the power that would have normally taken complete control over the Ultras, would immediately be removed once the transformation is undone.)

3rd ref: (By this episode, we see that Orb is no longer prone to going berserk in this form that uses Belial's powers. Further symbolized by the normal execution of the transformation sequence and the phrase he says once the transformation is complete, "I embrace the darkness, to become the light!", which is pretty telling that he can now use the power of darkness without becoming a mindless raging beast)

Here's another similar case of resisting it through an item that carries that same effect.

Main ref: (Here, the Z Riser rejects Belial's Medal in the same way the Orb Ring rejects Belial's Card. This isn't just a random occurrence as the Belial Medal here is comprised of an item called Devil Splinters and Geed's very own Belial Factor, both of which are pieces of Belial's DNA which can corrupt any being down to a mental and spiritual scale. This will be touched on again later)

Those are instances of Ultras resisting soul and mind manipulation. Here is a small, but direct and explicit showing of an Ultra resisting biological manipulation.

Main ref: (In here, Max gets infected by something called the Gudis Cells, which should normally transform any living creature into a monstrous form, and he slows down its effects by focusing his light energy for that task)

In addition to just resisting them, Ultras can also expel these powers out of themselves, like with Zero, and others.

Main ref: (Zero purifies Mirror Knight)

Supporting ref: and point 47:46 (Mirror Knight gets pierced by Belial's claws who injects him with dark energies, dubbed Belial Virus. Later, it is even stated that Mirror Knight's soul has been violated. The corruption also makes him particularly aggressive towards Zero despite successfully holding it off against others, a sort of testament to Belial's level of corruption)

Regarding the previous example, it should also be noted that despite starting out as a form of Biological Manipulation, Belial's darkness is capable of affecting his victims down to their souls. The instance with Geed also supports this. Thanks to this, it further solidifies Z being able to resist such powers.

Now that we've covered how Ultras naturally resist Biological, Mind and Soul, that marks the end of part 1.

Part 2 will be covering how Darkness manipulation grants users the power to affect two of the latter, and how they too resist these powers. Or at least for a select few who do.

Update: Going by the references provided, it should also grant additional resistance towards Madness (Type 1 and 2; As per the cases involving Belial and his genetic materials and Ultra Card), Morality (In accordance to Taiga and Geed's cases), Corruption (Type 2; As seen through Belial's Ultra Card, genetic materials, and Tregear's Kaiju Rings) and Darkness Manipulation (For containing all the effects mentioned).

Darkness, The Antithesis

This part will be much more compact since all the terminologies and primary examples have been pretty much covered.

Belial and Tregear will either be skipped or touched very lightly on since their powers have already been clarified to be able to affect the minds and souls of their victims. Also the fact that they're technically still Ultras, and would thus scale their resistances to the main ones.

Instead, we will now move on to another character. Dark Lugiel.

Main ref: (Here one of his mook, an Alien Valky whom he granted a portion of his own power, goes around to create users of Dark Dummy Spark. The Valky mentions how he will use their dark "hearts". While normally that should mean just their minds, users of the series' Spark items can Live into monsters where they will be transported to an Inner Space, which has been clarified to be the world representative of one's mind and soul. The scene after the corruption also shows Lugiel's Dark Spark lighting up, which is later revealed to be him being empowered by the corruption)

Extra ref: (Here Dark Lugiel mentions how a heart stained by fear and despair will become minus energy that he feeds on. This perhaps supports the idea that Dark Lugiel can resist power of that kind as well given how the corruption one's mind and soul can empower him. If not that, then the fact he's Ginga's exact opposite would probably support it)

Next up is Reibatos.

Main ref: (Here, Reibatos resurrects Juda through his soul, turning him into a "ghost")

2nd ref: Same vid, point 3:52 (Here, Zero notes how despite having a physical body, Juda isn't alive, cementing his status as being merely a ghost who can only be dealt with through soul manipulation)

3rd ref: Point 9:17 (Reibatos creates 6 ghost monsters by using their souls)

4th ref: Point 15:56, 23:53 and 27:12 (Reibatos regenerates, which he credits to his Reionics and Ghost Sorcerer status. Note that he also calls himself a "Ghost" Sorcerer, which when combined with his Reionics status, is likely referring to how their true forms are usually just their souls and how defeating them for good requires their souls being destroyed. Belial is a Reionics and required a similar method of being taken down. In the third point, Reibatos also regenerates from just his aura, which is what supported the Monsters' souls during their status as ghosts. He also survives attacks from Orb, who we've seen as being able to hurt his ghost monsters)

Tregear has a feat in a short novel where he resists the coalition of hundreds of evil souls entering his body long enough to put on a restraint that allows him to keep them in check. This resistance also supports the idea of characters who have fallen into or are aligned with the darkness to have natural resistance to powers that can affect their consciousness.

Translated section from the relevant scene:
"Pachin! That huge blue balloon burst and countless evil gods appeared from inside.

Tregear rushed forwards and welcomed the evil gods with open arms.

"Now, ancient evil gods whose names are unknown. I alone shall be your sacrifice. Devour me to your heart's content."

KYAAAAAHHHHH! The "chaos" roared as if it were tearing up.

When the horde of evil gods swirls like a tornado, they were absorbed into Tregear's Color Timer.

Using a combination of sorcery and Ultraman powers, Tregear contained the mighty and horrifying evil gods in the depths of his Color Timer. Tregear had to seal the color timer with a sturdy restraint belt to prevent the power of the evil gods from spewing out." (Despite inclusion of sorcery in his method, Tregear's nature as an Ultraman is still credited as how he's able to hold off the influence of Grimdo, the evil gods mentioned here)

In Conclusion

To compress all those info, all Ultras should have resistance to Corruption (Type 2), Biological, Mind, Morality, Madness (Type 1 and 2), and Soul Manipulation thanks to their Inner Lights naturally resisting any dark powers.

A select few evil characters from the verse who uses Darkness Manipulation should have Corruption (Type 2), Mind, Morality, Madness (Type 1 and 2) and Soul Manipulation as well as resistances towards them.
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Updated a bit, and I might add a Part 3 because I'm pretty sure I overlooked some things that are relevant given the terminologies introduced.

Edit: Nevermind, the rest will be separate due to lack of evidence (for now), and because this thread has gone for a bit too long.
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Alright I looked over everything and it all seems fine but the first video in the OP doesn't work for me, says something about not being available in my country. However the evidence should be enough in my opinion.


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Alright I looked over everything and it all seems fine but the first video in the OP doesn't work for me, says something about not being available in my country. However the evidence should be enough in my opinion.
This seems to make sense.
Thank you. This can probably be added then.

However, before that, can somebody summarise what is suggested to be added here?
However, before that, can somebody summarise what is suggested to be added here?

Resistance to the following powers for all Ultras because of their Inner Light naturally resisting external forces:
*Darkness Manipulation
-Biological Manipulation
-Soul Manipulation
-Mind Manipulation
-Madness Manipulation (Types 1 and 2)
-Morality Manipulation
-Corruption (Type 2)

As well as giving these powers to a selected number of villains of the verse, plus resistance towards them.
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I've pretty much updated all the currently relevant profiles. And it should be fine to close this thread if needed since these upgrades should still apply for future profiles.
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