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Kamen Rider Saber "Calm Before the Storm" Revision

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This is gonna be a short revision compared to a BIG incoming revision (Essentially reworking Saber's entire P&A, adding missing abilities to all Saber Riders, reworking intelligence almost all Saber Riders, adding and replacing current gifs with new high quality and with sound ones.) For now, let's start with the easy ones.

These will apply to the following Riders:
Kamen Rider Saber
Kamen Rider Blades
Kamen Rider Espada
Kamen Rider Buster
Kamen Rider Kenzan
Kamen Rider Slash
Kamen Rider Calibur (Daichi)
Kamen Rider Calibur (Sophia)
Kamen Rider Falchion (Bahato)
Kamen Rider Saikou
Kamen Rider Sabela
Kamen Rider Durendal
Kamen Rider Solomon
Kamen Rider Storious

Renaming Keys: The current keys work by themselves but as a collective, it falls flat and is confusing.
I suggest just renaming them to simpler terms that can be recognized by anyone.
Beginning of Story (1-22) | Middle of Story (23-35) | Late Story (36-40) | End of Story (41-47)
(I used "story" instead of "series" because its very thematic but if it sounds bad, I'm down to change it to "series")

Speed: Late Story and End of Story Saber Riders will now be At least FTL (Scaling from Ghost) (This might also change later because we might scale everyone from Heisei New Gen to Hyper Muteki)

Lifting Strength: At least Class T (Scaling to EoS Ghost).

(As a side note and not part of the revision, my ass needs to remember to add Res to Explosion Manip from this revision to these guys)


I'm pretty sure this is like the least controversial revision of all time so I'm just gonna go forward with it.
Not open for further replies.