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Important announcement to our community (Kek)


Herald of the Julianforce
Joke Battles
@All Staff Members and everyone else

Please remember that it is crucial that you have over 100 edits on VSBW in order to receive the automatic invitation email to the new forums. It is likely to late for that now, but you should still confirm in any case.

In the case that you don't have over 100 edits on VSBW, we might be able to give you the address via private chat.


Maintenance worker
VS Battles
To quote a post that I wrote in another thread:

First the forums will be backed up. Hopefully very soon. Then the backup archives will be sent to a programmer that helps us out. Then he will convert the information to a XenForo format. Then that will be sent to Community Hired. Then CH will install all of the discussion threads into the new forum. Then we will check that everything works properly, and set up the remaining appropriate settings. Then invitations will be sent out. And I will also have to check through the username invitation list along the way.

Also, this thread explains how to make sure you'll get an invitation email. You also need at least 100 VS Battles wiki edits. These can be gained by quickly editing your userpage there several times. You can write "1", "2", "3", or something similar.