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I'm uncomfortable with vs threads being added with only one side advocating

I'll use this thread as an example:

Nobody here is knowledgeable about 2b, there's even misinformation here. While I am sad I missed out on this topic (and who knows, maybe the result is the same, not the point) I don't think
fights should be added if everyone is going to go "Well we all like Raiden/Don't know shit about the other character, so vote for him"

Again, this is just an example and it doesn't happen all the time, but I've seen it at least a few times and I only read like 1% of the threads here so that's a worrying trend. This isn't a thread for being butthurt about results.

Can we be more conscientious about these things?
This particular report would go here
That being said, I'm afraid that the site can't moderate these incidents any better than what it already is, so it's best to voluntarily bring up the issue whenever it's found to sort it out, also, please be more explicit when reposting your issue in this case over there.
Pretty bad example considering there was pretty good reasons as to why Raiden wins on that thread. But I get what you're saying.

I agree with Bob though, there's not much of a solution for it unless people make the effort to tag/get supporters for the other characters, which should be encouraged if this happens, I guess.


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that thread aside, while you make a valid point, this is just an issue that happens when you're allowed to make nearly any VS Thread you want. Given it isn't a clear stomp. And if the voting process makes you believe its a stomp not worth pursuing debating in any further, that's the way it is. The right people at the right time find a thread, maybe even share it with others, but sharing your thoughts won't stop this. Even with staff support. That would require us to treat each VS thread (heaven forbid we have to enforce an approve/deny policy before each one posts) like a preplanned sports event, gathering fans from all sides to sit down and cast their thoughts and votes all at once. Sadly, people have to stumble upon them (even if you bump yours). And sadder yet, sometimes ignorance and the vote count wins if the explanation isn't batsh*t crazy.
Pretty bad example considering there was pretty good reasons as to why Raiden wins on that thread.
I... disagree, but I'm not trying to make it about that specific thread. And I already covered this very thought with the statement in my original post,
(and who knows, maybe the result is the same, not the point)
Characters need representation. We don't need all the kids to show up for the debate. Just make the vs battle fair. If it's not, it's invalidated. If anything, this will motivate the one side being represented to find someone to represent the other side. And, like I said, I don't think it happens terribly often. Just often enough to be a concern.

Also, I'm only posting because there's necro's. Not sure, but I guess the topic is interesting?