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As the tittle say, how much exactly is the amp of Mana Burst and at differents levels, I can't find a exact x or a approximate about that.
They are mostly unquantificable, and there are different types of mana bursts for different servants.
Yeah, I now, but wanted to confirm because yesterdey I mentioned the Mana Burst A of Mordred in a versus thread, but because I don't know a approximately x the veracity of the amp by that feel little, it was also mentioned in other thread of Raikou that her Mana Burst, so I want some type of number or something to give a better idea to others when using the argument of amp via Mana Burst.
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Like, some examples of differences with characters before using Mana Burst and after Mana Burst Ran Y, in the concrate case of Mordred I know that using it hi Ran C Clarent become the Rank A+ Clarent Blood Arthur, so other examples at difference levels and so I think would be good to give a good idea to others.
"Raikou his" Kek.

Eh, I don't know.

There are things like Berserker's mad enhancement which raises his ATK with a + modifier, but that is a different skill.


Sorry for this part, but I writed something wrong, it's late so my brain don't work to good now, added with the fact that I'm not really good writing in english, I don't know if that part it's strange.
im glad you called raikou he there needs to be a opposite force ive been exposed to too many memes of her everytimes shes mention i think mama raikou
Ahhh, his, I writed his, instead of her, dude, maybe it's really to late and my brain is really fucked, after spend the ap in FGO I'm gonna sleep, it's the better currently.