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Horace tries to BFR 9-B's via falling with style

This is a funny concept I came up with for a win condition while searching for an opponent for Horace (505 games).

Horace wears a pair of shoes that allow him to manipulate his own gravity, allowing him to walk on walls and ceilings. However, should Horace jump into a gap in a wall or ceiling while using his gravity shoes, he will continue "falling" in that direction forever, continuously building up speed, until he lands on a solid wall. Ultimately, should he never land on a solid wall, he will continue to "fall" until he flies out into space after only a few seconds. Luckily for Horace, his resurrection will bring him back to Earth where he started.

So, what if Horace were to, say, jump from a wall and stomp into an opponent, effectively dragging them out into space at High Hypersonic speeds?

Who's the strongest 9-B he could defeat with this tactic?

Hell, if we want to take this one step further, who's the strongest character he could defeat via falling with style?