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Hello Neighbor Revision

So... The Neighbor is quite a bit out of date and in desperate need for a revision. I recently updated him in terms of story and other things that wouldn't necessarily require a revision, but I'm here to discuss the stuff from other games that need to be added.

The only game that should be a different key is Hello Guest, since the other games/books all take place basically back-to-back, but Hello Guest's position in the timeline (as far as I'm aware) is unknown, plus he's got a very different arsenal

Hello Neighbor

  • Enhanced Senses: I mean... I'm surprised this was never added. He's clearly got some damn good hearing.
  • Possibly Stealth Mastery: While not really showcased in this game as much as others, he is quiet and a bit stealthy.
  • Possibly Perception Manipulation: The player's vision darkens when the Neighbor's nearby
Secret Neighbor


  • Immortality (Type 2): Though non-canon, it's shown in quite a few things that the neighbor can remove his head and replace it with a Pumpkin
Hello Guest
In this game, The Neighbor lacks everything due to a drastic scenario change

  • Attacks an adult this time instead of children
  • He runs around on all fours, faster than before
  • Stealth Mastery: He sneaks up on the player
  • Has a shovel and tons of dynamite
  • Runs away if looked at, but will still attack if the player is within melee range