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Does the Time Manipulation of Kiritsugu count as Speed, becuase if not then Kiritsugu would have an edge due to his ranged weaponry. Though his Origin Bullets would be mere bullets when it hits Guts due to his lack of magical ability.

Physically Guts has an edge, having better strength and through his Berserker Armour he has a psuedo-Regenerationn.

I would say it depends on various factors, both have an edge in different ways. But due to Kiritsugu's time manipulation and ranged weaponry he would have an edge.

I vote Kiritsugu.
It would be a blitz if Kiritsugu can use Time Alter, but Guts have higher initial speed so I guess speed amps are not allowed.

I would give the edge to Kiritsugu due ot ranged advantage with fire arms/grenades, and Regenerationn through Avalon.

Also Origin Rounds would not function as mere bullets against non-Magi; they don't leave bullet holes or external damage on someone's body regardless. If they punch through Gut's armor and touch his skin, they'll phase through his body and mutilate the nerves and blood vessels around the affected area, which can kill or cripple Guts.
Kiri caps at x4 which isn't a blitz and also causes immense pain and damage to use it. Not like the speed amp is wby he would even win anyway, it just makes it easier to get off his wincon.
The actual speed boost was not specified despite the name, but Double Accel sped Kiritsugu to the point that he was barely perceivable to Kayneth, and decent Magus have been portrayed to have MHS perception.

Also, Kiritsugu has hypnosis through eye contact.