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Guilty Gear Regen?

I noticed this on the Guilty Gear pages recently.

"Low-High; Regenerated from puddle of blood"

"Mid-High; his regeneration is superior to Raven's, and he can regenerate from being reduced to ash"

Anyone know where the former comes from and why Sol's regen would be comparable to Raven's? I've heard some claim Raven stated it somewhere but no source I've seen at the moment.


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As of now we don’t really have any scans since the only person who worked on Guilty Gear isn’t on the wiki anymore, but the series will go through a massive revision in the future.
It sort of a weird scaling thing given the nature of gear cells and having regenerative properties and kind of fluctuating in potency between say the lowest being sol regening from cuts, slashes, and piercing to testament and raven regen from blood and ash.