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(Grace) All Might vs Final Starman

Let's get into the details of this versus thread.

-Speed Equalized

-Both in Character

-Location: Open field

-Range: 10.5 meters

-Win via death


All Might: 0

Starman: 7

Inconclusive: 0
(I'm assuming this isn't prime All Might)

More likely Starman due to

WAY more durable than an average human. (Starmen are either completely robots or alien cyborgs, take your pick.)

Earlier in the game, there is a Krakken boss that creates a tornado using sheer strength, and Starmen(Almost every variety, including Final) are leagues ahead of said Krakken. All Might's air manipulation moves (Nebraska and Texas Smash) will do next to nothing.


-Use Shield ╬▓(Reduces damage done to it by half, the other half of damage goes to the attacker.)

-Use Brainshock(Mentally disorients your opponent, making them unable to focus.)

-Use Healing ╬®(Removes status ailments such as incapacitation.)

- Use PK Starstorm ╬®. It's an extremely powerful move, as it does decent damage to Ness(who is Low-2C).

Poo went through thorough training just to use the signifigantly weaker form, Starstorm ╬▒. Ingame, its described as "Shaking off stars /Raining down stars" Probably exaggerated, I'd say they're more comparable to meteors(Shooting stars). But not one meteor, a ton of them. In the animation for the attack , I counted eight. (Likely more, its just an animation meant to be quick and flashy but at least eight.) Either way, it's a load of meteors hailing down and exploding upon impact. Not actual meteors though, these are psychic attacks comparable in strength to exploding meteors, intangible and are unable to be avoided .

Starman gameplan I'd guess is Shield ╬▓ then Starstorm. (These moves are thought-activated, AKA instantaneous.)

If I'm missing some crucial detail that turns this around for All Might, let me know.


Yeah, Final Starman are pretty well above baseline and are pretty versatile in PSI abilities. Brainshock can force this matchup into SM favor as AM is going to be hitting himself constantly with the addition of dealing with Danmaku and elemental abilities.

So Starman FRA