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Frosty Mr. Clean fights an albino monkey

Eh, let's give this a go.

The Ice Monkey found themselves in Gotham City one night, wandering the dark streets, when they suddenly felt a freezing cold gust of wind pass over them. Attracting their attention, the albino primate followed the winds to a bank, which was covered roof-to-floor in ice. The monkey curiously poked its head in before following the freezing gales towards the safe room, barely paying mind to the frozen figures within the lobby. They did stop for a moment to stare at a man in a strangely familiar bat-shaped outfit before continuing onwards. As they entered the safe room, they noticed a figure in a strange, almost-robotic suit. Realizing the individual was robbing the bank, the primate loads its cannon and points it at the man, who finally notices the monkey's presence. "Is this some kind of joke? They sent a monkey to stop me?" He points his Freezing Gun at the primate, ready to finish it off quickly.

Icicle Impale Upgrade is being used, Victor does not have his Freezing Bomb, Speed is equalized, Combatants start two meters apart

Pun Master:

Ice Ice Monkey: