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Everybody Wants to Rule the World 5: The time has come (Meta/registration thread) CLOSED

It's here now. Go ahead and fill this thread up in just a day.

Character Sheet
Theme: (Put your theme here. Your theme will influence what characters I give to you)




(Give a description or image)

Desired Verses: (pick 2)

Desired Powers: (pick 2, in the format of "x's y". You can pick 2 powers from 1 verse if you want to)

Some rules and general mechanics of the RP

  • From each verse you pick, you will be given a random character chosen by me.
  • You will also take one power from each verse, which you can chose but will be judged by me and on a case-by-case basis. The powers can be your trump cards and as such I'm less restrictive with those than with the characters. You can also pick a power from a verse you chose in a previous set.
  • Do not pick very haxxed powers. The hax cap is quite low, especially for the first set of abilities.
  • Characters can have restrictions on them.
  • Powers that you have picked can't have restrictions on them. You can only have a complete power.
  • You are 9-B, any attacks or powers above this will simply be "far Higher with x".
  • The limit on Regenerationn for the first set is Low-Mid, Mid if it's a power you ask for.
  • Speed is equalized to baseline Subsonic combat and reaction speed and Superhuman travel speed. Any special abilities that boost your speed through a certain mechanic, like becoming a beam of light, will allow for up to FTL travel speed, but not reactions. This means that you can only travel in a straight line.
  • Everyone has Class 5 Lifting Strength.
  • Stat Amps (this includes things like transformations, rage power, absorbing stuff to get stronger) cap out at 2x. This means that for example going SSJ1 would only boost your stats twofold.
  • The same goes for statistics reduction (also includes things like damage reduction).

Please put the PCs in this sandbox in the same way I put in Hl3's PC and use source mode.


VS Battles
Calculation Group
If I wasn't far too lazy with picking verses I wouldn't just be omniously following
Theme: World's greatest pop star and cultural influencers of the millennium

Name: Jessebell Matchlin

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Appearance: A woman a little over five foot who has the occasionally messy, curly blonde hair. She wears thick, pink rimmed glasses over her full brown eyes, but she does have a really nice smile with some nice white teeth. She's not exactly pretty to look at, with a couple freckles unevenly splotches onto her face, but she's alright. She wears a black leather jacket and a basic green shirt underneath, and some brown khakis. Nothing special.

Desired Verses: Gluk`oZa (Verse) And VOCALOID

Desired Powers: MEIKO's singing voice/Fire Manipulation if that don't work and Hatsune Miku's Plant Manipulation


VS Battles
Calculation Group
Torlikoff said:
Do what you did before and pick your own verses like an egotist
WHY isn't dumb enough for that, also Soul+Mind attacks with every blow seems slightly overkill

Characters: Musashi Miyamoto (Baki), Sabi Hakuhei

Powers are approved.


Characters: Holly Short, Keira Metz with Polymorph restricted

Elder Blood is fine, but Artemis'intelligence isn't allwowed.


Characters: Saber (Caesar) with Fate hax restricted, Dulio Gesualdo

Powers are okay.


Characters: Gluk`oZa, Kagamine Rin/Le with regen, type 8 immortality and non-corporeality restricted

Powers are fine.


Characers: Anri Sonohara, Saber (Munenori Yagyü)

Sasaki's skill is okay.


Characers: Godzilla (Heisei) (Base Heisei I) with regen restricted, Freddy Fazbear

Powers are okay.


Characters: Divine Dragon Apocralyph (I'm assuming the fusionism doesn't have any offensive use), Shielder
Theme: Debunking those damn false heroes!

Name: Ted Kneeland

Age: 54

Gender: Male

Appearance: An older looking man with short, slightly greying hair. About 6'1". Well dressed in a nice suit. Sharp features.

Desired Verses: Marvel Comics and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (IhavetopleaseforgivemeIloveittoomuch)

Desired Powers: TBA
Faruel1998 said:
It worked when you gave me Enryu in EWtRtW4 and it will work here too.
The problem is HL isn't running this game. It's Whynaut. He wouldn't even give me Tupe 8 immortality. I doubt this character will fly at all. It won't work here
so anyone with a Servant or Servant abilities can't beat you

i can see this being a problem even if this was how Nega-Summon actually worked
Nega-Summon only works on noble phantasms that are recorded in the throne of heroes

Any other attack can bypass it
His swords power isnt luck based fate manip

It's literally just a guaranteed first hit followed by an automatic guaranteed second hit if the luck roll works and then it continues granting free hits as long as the luck check works
Luckily for me, I anticipated the sword meta and studied the history of swordsmanship throughout military history to prepare myself ovo

Sorry but Caesar's fate hax is getting restricted


Characters: Duke Pantarei (first key) with power null restricted, Delphine

Drevis and Melchior have just a little too many abilities.


Characters: Adepta Sororitas with probability hax restricted, Izraf

Powers are okay.


Characters: Watatsuki no Yorihime, Kars first key with absorption and regen restricted

Powers are okay.


Characters: Kasen Ibaraki regen restricted, Assassin (Shuten-douji) with bone collector restricted

Powers are fine.


Characters: Tetsucabra first key, Snorlax

Powers are okay.

@Paul Shukuchi is fine.


Powerful Rebirth is fine, but Nega-Summon is a problem due to the amount of people who just can't leave Nasuverse alone.


Number One's magic is too haxxy.


Mukuro's skill and the teleportation are fine.


New powers are okay.


VS Battles
Eh, the other one I joined gave me a good taste for this, soo, let's do this.

Theme: "I will be your shield!"

Name: Daniel Clyptum

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Desired Verses: Pokémo and Kid Icarus

Desired Powers: Aegislash's Forcefield Creation and Pit's Attack Reflection

Appearance: Image below, except the shield looks more like Aegislash.

High school dxd oc richie louise by segagenesis4100 dc2frpf-pre