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Did I calculate this right?

I'm trying to calculate the Demon Realm size in Neon Cavaliers which is a planet 40 times the size of Jupiter. I wasn't sure how to find the size, so I took the radius and mass of Jupiter and multiplied them by 40, then plugged the numbers into this calculator, getting 8.255×10^37 joules or Dwarf Star Level. Did I do it right? The calculation would apply to The Devil King, Alex, Matt, Leo in his Cerberus Full power Unleashed Form, and Connor in his Pseudo-Orange Phoenix Form once I finish writing Chapter 34.
If the radius is 40x larger and the density remains the same as Jupiter, then the mass would be 64,000x that of Jupiter, according to the square cube law.
Actually, I can make this calc very easy.
I just need one more thing...how strong is the Demon Realm's gravity? As in, just as strong as Earth, 2x, 10x, etc?
Radius of Demon Realm: 2,796,400 kilometers
Acceleration: 980.665 m/s^2

Mass = 1.149e+32 kilograms (Stellar)
GBE: 1.891e+44 joules, or 1.981 Foe (Large Star level)
Let me just say this: If the planet was 40x larger than Jupiter, but only having 40x mass...
The gravity of Earth, would be over 15x stronger than the Demon Realm.
Uh, no?
Square cube law states: When an object undergoes a proportional increase in size (As in, an increase in size in all three dimensions), its new volume is proportional to the cube of the multiplier.

So if the radius of a sphere is 2x larger than another sphere, the difference in volume would be 2^3, or 8x the volume.
Or if it is 3x larger, it would be 3^3 larger, or 27x the volume.
4x larger = 4^3, or 64x the volume.

The increase in mass is also proportional to the difference in volume if the density stays the same.
So a sphere that has 8x the volume would also have 8x the mass, if the density is the same.
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