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could fictional verses be universes outside our real universe?

suppose outside of universe. Each fictional verse is a universe. (yes verses that have multiverses are within a universe aka verse). what if this is true?

Do we end up creating new universes every time we create new fiction? (and what if the fictional universes create their own fiction?)

and does this mean the real world is the universe that started it all? (the origin of everything)

(or is it that fictional verses are already created and when you "create them". you just know they're there. same goes for within fiction ones)

another thing.

would crossovers be their own universe. (the stars wars verse and star trek verse are they're own verse) (but the crossover verse is it's own universe. it's as if they never merged) (is it perhaps new characters could be created in this crossover verse kinda like access from amalgam comics. so the new verse has characters that are neither from either series. or maybe they reveal new characters that were from either series like the brothers from amalgam)

also what happens if one of these fiction or within fiction is about affecting this very idea that I'm talking about. (aka this whole verse thing) (this fiction/within fiction is it's own verse but would it still affect this whole verse thing i'm talking about or just the version within that fiction)

also what happens if every single verse including the real one gets merged? (what happens if someone created new fiction in there? since all verses have been merged how can new fiction happen?)

finally if you were playing a game or watching tv. Are you effecting these verses? (or are these just lesser versions of the "real" (air quotes) deal)

here's something similar to that (lesser versions) thing i mentioned on reddit

here's what they said (one from TirnanogSong and another from TheOfficialGilgamesh)

TirnanogSong: Writers are free to say that their own omniverses contain other fictions within themselves, all they need are the feats to demonstrate this ala Dark Tower.


It's like this:

There's a copy of every fiction that exists in the Dark Tower. So the Dark Tower doesn't literally contain the Marvel verse, it contains a copy of it, just as large as it, but not the real deal, because obviously the real Marvel verse is its own intellectual property.

Same with the Glory from Dr. Who. It contains copies of other fictional works, but it doesn't contain the real deals.

can you understand any of these questions regarding if verses were real along with crossover questions.

some of these i asked were a real pain to come up with but i did them because it bothered me

(if i can't bring up some of these or missed them. i just say let god deal with it (he knows everything) and can solve this. besides he can read my mind and come up with what i planned to say or anything)