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The universe is infinite
"We live in a vast and endless universe, a hotel with no ending. The first floor would flow within an a Inaccessible cardinal. The floor above could not be reached even with no matter how many inaccessibles"
The universe holds dimensions and a infinite amount.
"The ground we step on holds infinite dimensions, one dimensional and two. Then three and four. As one is infinitesimal to two. Two Is nothing but shadows and false hood to three. This going on and into the infinite shifting domain of dimensionality. It can't touch us in the hotel, for we are to far for it to reach."

The hotel rooms holds infinite universes. Each chained together.
"Each room holds universes, like grains of sand pilled into a heap. Inside the room is a simple hotel room but to the trained eye each atom of the bed and chairs holds infinite worlds. Each universe in a chain. We go 1 chain of infinite worlds to two. Two being far beyond one. Into the transfinite."

The second floor is eternal and filled with shapeless beings.

Riche now stood in the second floor, its eternal power untouched by time and space just like the first floor. Its beings held no shape and were not affected by causality. The First floor became nothing but shadows and false hood.
The second floor has layers.
"There are layers to this floor, imagine a system of complex structures. Each above the other but connected. As the ground of the first floor hold infinite dimensions but can not reach beyond the ground. Making the first floor transcend that structure all together. We here have structures in the same manner but in greater form. As a simple structure here could contain the first floor and never be filled by it. We stand at the forth layer of the second floor. No layers below can reach us."

There are infinite floors. Each far removed from the latter.
"Oh riche, there are more floors than this. Infinite amount in fact. We can't reach the third floor, its beyond the framework of our floor."

Thats it for now.
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Tier 0 I think?

There's also Tier 1 A statment from what I see.

Well, higher dimensions also said to be transcendence. So, higher dimensional tiering should also be applicable.
Why do i always read your name as Greenshitter?
You have got to be shitting me… thing is that is my literal nickname in several discord servers. I should have thought my name through…. Anyways just think of relativistic Doppler shift and the infinite/relativistic mass punch, that is what my name is actually based on, contrary to “green shapeshifter” which would be way too obvious.
You have got to be shitting me… thing is that is my literal nickname in several discord servers. I should have thought my name through….
Thing is, the t and f in your name look similar tricking our eyes into reading two t's.
I like to keep my names simple. Arceus0x is a nickname i had in club penguin and it kinda stuck.