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Cosmic Feats - Differing Standards

This is more or less just a thought I had while going about my day, and it's been brewing for about a while now. Also, apologies if the structuring is too messy. I'm a pantser, and even if I do edit it, there's a chance I'd lose focus of my initial thoughts.

Basically, other than the already established criteria, how else should we decide when a universe level feat to be 3-A or Low 2-C. One of the root thoughts I had was that there are some verses out there that talks only of universal destruction and such, they get Low 2-C while most others get 3-A. I'm not sure how true that is, but I suspect there is.

I was thinking, could it be possible for that criteria to be expanded upon with a few more points? I don't think this should make it stricter, and instead make things a little simpler. One example I've had in mind would be if the verse confirms the existence of a multiverse, then any feat of destroying one should perhaps qualify for Low 2-C despite no explicit mentions of space-time or timelines. Granted that cosmic scale events are not outliers in the context such information are provided.

Of course, I wouldn't say this is a surefire method of ensuring the difference between the two tiers. There are of course verses that can be vague about their method of destruction. So, to make it so that this criteria isn't abused, it could also be clarified how exactly the characters intend to destroy the universe. Personally, I think something like bringing ruin to or claiming the end of the universe should be considered vague until stated or revealed otherwise and thus sits at 3-A, even if the verse in question has confirmed the existence of a multiverse. On the other hand, if there already exist characters who has statements or feats stated previously, then I don't think it's unfair to say that a character or item that possesses the power to destroy the universe terrifies or worries them should be Low 2-C.

Adding further to this example, it's also best that the universe and the scale it is to be destroyed is clarified. Obviously, but my take is in this manner: if the universe is called a dimension or spacetime within the context of their cosmology, then nevermind the fact there isn't clear statement on whether its entire timeline is destroyed as I personally think that clarifies the idea that we're talking about a 4-dimensional continuum. Finally, there is the feat of threatening the balance of a universe. I suppose it depends on what the balance of a particular verse's universe is. In my opinion, the balance should be, and probably obviously, the greatest totality of that universe. Admittedly, I was in a roadblock as to how to word this, but the best I can put it is if the universe's totality is its space-time, then feats of threatening its balance and or stability, as well as collapsing it, should be around Low 2-C.

But of course, I'm not all that knowledgeable about this, hence why this is in Q&A instead of Staff Discussion. And because as I said before, this is just some random thoughts. That said, what do you think about this?
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