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Hey guys, yes you've read the title correctly, I'm leaving the FC/OC & VSbattles. This is a decision I've been thinking about for weeks, months and heck maybe even a year? I think I've come to the conclusion now that I want to leave.

I don't enjoy vsdebating as much anymore
I've been on this wiki since early 2017, I feel like I've just gotten bored of it by now and unlike back then, I don't know why but to me it all feels like more of a chore rather than fun nowadays. Like having to constantly go back and change something or even worse having to wait so people don't think I'm only changing it just so that I can win a match. Or what about having to read a wall of text powers/abilities section just so that I can make a thread? Whenever I make a match I feel more pressure rather than fun and enjoyment nowadays.

The struggle to find matches
If your character is too OP/not OP enough then you struggle to find matches. What makes it more difficult is that people are less likely to respond to matches against characters on VSbattles and more likely to respond to matches against characters on FCOC which not only has less pages but also chances are the writers of said FC/OC aren't even active anymore.

Everything feels so competitive
I feel like this is because the FCOC is not just a writing site but also a vsdebating site. Like when I meet friends outside vsdebating (which takes up like most of my friends in general) they would only give their OCs like 3-1 different powers and sometimes they only come from their own weapons. On here however it's "woahhh outerversal hax and wall of text" (although saying that about walls of text might make me a hypocrite considering Animazians Terminology but even then I try to make it as simple as possible). Also I have nothing against people making OP characters or giving them wall of text powers/abilities, you write your stories however you want to. :)

I’m in University now, I’ve moved out of my home, three years from now I'll be done with it which by then I'll probably have to go get a job and stuff. I don't want FC/OC to distract me too much either.

VSdebating’s influence on writing/fiction for me
It’s quite long so I decided to put it all here on a Google Doc instead.

Find me elsewhere on these social medias
  • Instagram: This is where I share my artwork. I am willing to communicate with anyone on there.
  • Blogspot: Might make a personal art blog one day. Will post an update on this via a comment on this thread.
  • YouTube: Only use it for catching up with my favourite YouTubers, liking and (on rare occasions) uploading videos. Might start making videos eventually, but right now I only use it to like videos and catch up with my favourite YouTubers because YouTube comments sections are pretty toxic.
  • Discord: I don’t feel comfortable sharing my Discord here and will only give it out to someone in private messages whenever I feel comfortable doing it so please don’t ask for it.
Note: The social medias section will change and I will post comments here whenever I do so.

It's been a good nearly five years as hard as it maybe for me to believe and I think my time has finally come. Thanks to all the great people I've met here. :)
Can't really comment on the first point, but the second and third is something I feel inclined to talk about.

I realize that the profiles I've made are of works that I've had no creative input on, so my opinion may be skewed over to that of your average VSB editor. Anyways, FC/OC is just much smaller and less focused. I like to do matches too but I realize that there are creators on the site who really don't make characters for the purposes of debating. That can vary from having profiles that are extremely abstract, diverse, and well coded, to your weekly overly wanked character profile that's waiting to get snapped. I do agree personally wholeheartedly on lessening the sheer quantity of OP characters, but its just that. To play devils advocate, there are people who don't see debating as an integral part of the experience. That mindest doesn't always lead to low quality profiles either, just profiles that don't exactly correlate to debates which is fine, but something I wish on a personal level would be less of a norm but understand why it can't. There are ways to make Higher dimensional characters interesting, but barring dedicated editors who can push through making the stories they want, a number of them fall into the unfinished or lacking imagination categories.

This is something I realized even before I moved most of my FoE stuff off of my personal wiki onto FC/OC. I like FC/OC but I have other reasons as well behind my pages and edits. The site just isn't as active as VSB by a wide margin, and is fractured by the various reasons and mindsets of the users making the profiles, not all of whom have debates or using in mind. It's kinda shitty to think about from a creative perspective thats seeking inspiration through interactivity. But its not that way, nor would I recommend approaching the site with that kind of perspective. Focus on school and reapproaching your inspirations for writing. Outside feedback while an important factor should not be that defining of a motivation. Write the stories, edits, or profiles you wanna write, don't wait or rely too heavily on others or fitting in with what can get attention. Try not to let outsiders or trends sway your style of writing.

Best of Luck in the future though.
I think I've changed my mind, I think I'm actually going to stay for a bit longer, I still come back thinking that I want to continue having matches here.

Man, I really can't make up my mind about this site. But one thing I know for certain is that I'm not going to stay there forever. Eventually I'll have to move on. One concern I have about coming back is that I worry people will look at me and think I'm only saying that I'm leaving just for attention.
I really can understand how Vs Debating can influence a lot on writing. I'm part of a big roleplaying community over on Facebook (of all places, lol). There, we also have these "battles" where we put our characters and design a plausible scenario dictated mostly by logic on who would win. Naturally, by the nature of turn-based written combat, it's almost imposible to do properly, since everyone would love their character to win. To fix this, various rules were designed over time, similar to Standard Battle Assumptions, where certain actions could be straight up cancelled if they aren't properly described, including defenses, to the point that you could beat a godlike entity with a mere human if you are better narrating.

Here comes the influence from Vs Debating: I encountered these sites around 2016, though never became active in the community until very late that year. My writing was... Decent at best before, or at least I like to believe that! ovo
But after becoming a member of the community and getting more in-depth in debates, I almost couldn't participate in these "role-battles" anymore. My entire perspective on character interactions changed and even the way I write, including more technical terms (although never Vs Debating terminology; those I would discuss outside any rp).

I had an OC who was deep within the spiritual and philosophical ideas, something I then understood was what on this site would be considered Conceptual Manipulation and/or Subjective Reality. His name was Lephyr, indeed (which became my username almost everywhere, I loved this guy so much).

His power was a form of magic that he could influence based on the meaning of self-idealization. He didn't possess identity, as he didn't have a proper soul. So he took the identity of things around him and apply it to his sense of self, shaping his magic.

He could, for example, identify himself within the toughness of the trees, the vastness of the skies or the power of lightning, and these things would respond back to him granting powers. Because everything is connected spiritually, the all is in the one and the one is in the all.

But, I felt so bad because I liked using him in these rp-battles, but always rejected the idea of "going so low" as to use too many broken abilities. After I got into vs debating, I straight up refused to use Lephyr again. I considered him too strong without proper reasoning and felt ashame.

It took me a long time to realize... What does it matter, really? What I enjoyed was exploring the spiritual side of things, how these things shaped my character, how he managed to forge his own identity through his abilities and experiences. That's what's important at the end of the day.

My most recent character is called Ripple von Lephyr (my avi is that of him). He's connected to Lephyr, indeed. But has never mattered to him, because he's his own self. He managed to inherit the ideals that took a long time to Lephyr to understand: That it doesn't matter what others try to tell you you are doing and who you are. You are your own self, and nothing makes you more powerful than knowing yourself.

I guess... I reflected myself in these characters. And in large part thanks to finding this site, I realized that. That it doesn't matter how we classify them or how we limit them or what powers we give them. What matters is how we feel, and how they feel. Treat your characters as people, not as tools. How does he feel, knowing he can hold fire in his hands?

That's how I resolved that issue.