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VS Battles
This thread is intended for users to link to new blog post calculations, to relay them to the community, and have them evaluated by the calculation group, without contacting the members individually.

To evaluate important off-site calculations, preferably copy them to blog posts in this wiki (while giving credit to the original calcer) and ask for evaluations in the normal manner. You can also create a separate thread in the calc group discussio forum section, and then post a link to it here, but that tends to be far less efficient.

In the event that this fails to garner attention, users may politely remind the calculation group members to take a look.

Any further discussion should not continue here, but rather strictly take place in the linked blog posts or content revision threads, with the exception that calc group members should note which calculation blogs that they have responded to. Also, users should preferably post the name of the verse that a calculation refers to, in order to generate interest.

All members of the calculation group are requested to follow, bookmark, and regularly inspect this thread.

If a calculation has been performed and accepted, please add it to the related verse page.

Also, when writing a calculation blog, always inform about the exact episode/chapter that the feat occurs in, as well as the time when the feat occurs, if it happens within a video segment. This makes it easier for the calc group members to verify if the calculation has been done correctly.

Do not put punctuations at the end of blog titles. It messes up the link and leads to a blank page.


As our calc group members are people too, we realize that their work is time-consuming. Given the daily volume of calculations that the team is tasked with evaluating, it is important that you give your requests proper classifications, as detailed in the official Calculation Evaluations and Requests Instructions page.

In addition, if different calc group members disagree about whether or not a calculation is reliable, or it uses unusual or uncommon calculation methods, preferably start a corresponding thread in the calc group forum, post a link to it within the blog, and inform the calc group members in question about it via their message walls. This is done so they can more easily discuss the issue with each other by receiving notifications.

If there exist several calculations for a specific feat that have all been evaluated and accepted, but give conflicting results, the matter of which one that is most reliable should be first be discussed in the calc group forum by the calc group members before any changes are applied to the relevant character profiles. The calculation that is finally accepted should then be added to the related verse page calculation section, and the rejected versions removed.

Do not bump your requests, especially not repeatedly. You are only allowed to ask again if your calculation was left over from a previous evaluation thread, or if you have modified a calculation after a calc group members or somebody else has given you instructions.

If your request has already been properly evaluated by the calc group, please update your post to state this in a bolded font, as this makes it easier for calc group members to tell which requests that have been overlooked.


The Sword and Shield of AKM Sama
VS Battles
That looks like a Calculation Request rather than Evaluations. Unless a blog was already made? There should be a link if so.


VS Battles
Calculation Group
Feat: Miraculous: Watch Out, Mime-urai!

Priotity: 2 (Scales to the main cast, and backs up other calcs)

Verse: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

Description: The Mime slices the Eiffel Tower in half

Ant has recommended I post this in the evaluation thread again to get more mod attention.


A Fossil at This Point
VS Battles
Importance/Priority: 1
Name of the Verse/Character: Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? / GMA Bomb
Brief Feat Description: A spider eats a bomb powerful enough to blow up the entire continent. Scaling + Basic Explosion calc
Link: Here.
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