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Boundary Breakers: Meta Thread

It wouldn't be that different from how it has been going so far.

People who are knowledgeable about a verse can act on their own in said verse, and can RP characters for those who aren't familiar with it.
I can try with DB stuff, I'm a bit rusty on it but I'm a big Dragon Ball fan. Although I still do need to update myself on the Super Manga, tho dunno if we go with Anime or Manga so eh
Name: Mythos.

Verse of Origin: Some sort of Earth(?).

Breaker Shape: Small odd abstract black ball that remains at it's darkness level regardless of it's surroundings. The only thing she can physically interact with.

Age: Unknown.

  • Illusionary Existence, VanishingDream: Mythos doesn’t exist. She is not real. Mythos is nothing but an extremely well-made illusion spell that somehow gained free-will and sentience. Therefore, she cannot physically or magically interact with anything, and nothing can physically or magically interact with her. To be honest, this power is more akin to a curse, despite not being one. The major upside to her illusionary existence is that she has complete control over illusions, whether they be made by her or by something or someone else.
  • Information Erasure: An ability that removes information regarding Mythos' True Name, abilities, and appearance from the memories of all eyewitnesses, even her opponents, after she appears. Even if the battle takes place in the broad daylight or is recorded by digital cameras, the information is erased. However, evidence will still remain, so it is possible to discern her identity by analyzing the evidence to come to a conclusion. Due to unknown reasons aka the GM's permission this power seems to ignore the natural mind resistance of other's chosen by whatever twisted God threw all of them into this mess.
Class: Mage.

Verse: idk Touhou I guess lol.

Last time I checked we don’t have resistance to Memory Manip.