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Bloons Potential Downgrades

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Well then... Just got off an upgrade train with the Bloons profile being uploaded. Now this?

When it was first posted, Dart Monkey's base key as originally written as being Street level for being much weaker than the Bomb Shooter, as is its current reasoning. However, it was bumped up to Wall level because there wasn't enough reason to justify an tier difference.

Anyways, I was curious and decided to follow our current calc for Super Monkey's AP via Hypersonic Dart Throwing and apply it to the Dart Monkey's Transonic feat.

As we use the low-end (14 gram darts) of the feat, I did the same for Dart Monkey. Throwing at Mach 1 speeds comes up with a calculation of 1058.84 J (Street Level)

While this isn't necessarily meaning we need to change the profile, I feel it should at least be discussed.

So... I suppose the question comes as to who this would affect if it were to be put into effect.

Surprisingly, Boomerang Monkey, from whom the Transonic feat comes from, is safe as boomerangs usually have a low end weight of 70 grams, making their attacks 4117.72 J (Wall level)


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Yeah I can agree with a downgrade. Adding to the bomb tower vs dart monkey, the bomb tower has a larger AoE in the first place. Which would explain the AP difference.
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