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BC update

This is an update to the current Rel+ calc of Black Clover. The scaling is the same but the ratings are different.

This basically goes like this:

0.2c: Unchanged

» 2.49c: (Yami, Captains, Third Eye etc)

1.38c » 4.98c: (RK Asta/Yuno, Mereoleona etc)

2.76c » 9.96c: (RK Black Asta, Luck, Licht etc)

Opinions ?
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So all BC is now FTL, so we should be able to upscale to FTL+ for those stronger than those who scale to 9.96c. Of course as long as the new cslc is fine.
thanks for all of your input (This CRT wasn't even supposed to be made now but fck it)

I'll wait for a few more inputs
Since this seems to be unanimous and accepted by staff members and calc members, I think the changes can be made

It will take a few hours though
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First one is from RK Arc Base Asta reflecting a 2.49c attack whose speed was doubled by Zora's trap, making him 4.98c. Then the next one comes from Langris, as his normal self attacks Zora with projectiles that are as fast as that 4.98c Asta, then Zora's trap doubles their speed and sends them back at him. He activates his Rage Power and stops them, making him 9.96c